Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 421


ж e и и e м или инфнннтнвом: it is it range /odd, queer, quaint, peculiar, curious/ that they have not met before /'for them not to have met ЬеГоге/, Strange, odd, queer н curious, кроме того, часто употребляются в эллипти ческих конструкциях', strange /odd, queer, curious/ they haven’t met hefore.! Strange управляет предложным дополнением of smb., обознача ющий субъект рассматриваемого свойства: strange of him to underestimate his rival.

jC| См. примеры fj,.

И A psychologist seemed as strange andTformidable to him as a witch doctor (J. Cheene.r, 'The Wapshot Chronicle’J. In fad, Sheila's behaviour was becoming more than ever strange (С. P, Snow, ‘Homecomings'). He looked at the blonde, ‘I've seen her on TV,’ he said.. ‘Strange lives these; people Jeud,’ he said, happily (J. Braine, ‘Life <tl the Top’). It was strange to feel so intimate with a friend of one’s own age, and yet be shut up (C. P. Snow, 'Tlie Conscience of the Rick’). A strange haze that was not mist hung оver the valley (P. Abrahams, ‘The Path of Thunder'}. A strange pecul iarity of the shop was that it bore no sign boy г d (A. Bennett, ‘The Old Wiues’ Tale'}. There certainly have been very strange things happen in I ping during lhe last few days—very strange (ti. G, Wells, ‘The Invisible Man').

Suddenly he broke for a second into a singular smile, II was a smile partly sarcastic, partly amused.. (C. P. Swat, *The Conscience of the Rich'). I, however, had the singular gift of making the ma chine provide me with wrong solutions (P. П. Johnson, ‘An Impossible Mar riage'} .He went up to an octagonal chamber in the lantern of a singularly built thea tre that was set amidst this quaint and singular city (Th. Hardy, 'Jude the Ob scure'}. Madame de Thou,': and she, thus drawn together by the singular coinci dence of their fortunes, proceeded imme diately to Canada.. (H. В. Stowe, 'Uncle Tom's Cabin '). A dried-up, yellow little man, cynical and weary in his [ace .. answered ibis call, and stood sniffing, as it were, at Shelton, on whom he made the singular Impression of some little creature in a cage (J. Galsworthy, ‘The Island Pharisees').

He did not view the matter from the same unique and profoundly disturb ing aspect as Matthew (A. J. Cronin, ‘Halier's Caxtle’). It was unique Uiat the same music could say such different things to different people (iV. S. Maugham, ‘Theatre'). It was a singular dwelling. In size it was small ,, in its architedure unique (A. J. Cronin, 'Hatter's Castle"). It was one of those windless nights, when the sea is aptly called 'glassy'. But the glassiness of the Pacific has its own, unique, magical appeal (D. Carter, ‘Fa therless Sons'}.

Mr. Tedd Lalimes has rather an odd -shaped skull (A. Christie, ‘Towards Zero ). They gave an odd effect of being children, lost in a strange town, without adult care (Gr. Greene, ‘The Power and the Glory'). He held it out Lo me, saw something odd about ray hands, I expect, and lifted his eyes lo my face (H. G. Wells, ‘The invisible Man'). 'That's an odd way to carry important documents,' Essex S;i!d (J. Ahtridge, ‘The Diplomat’). It is odd how reassuring conversation is, especially on abstract subjects.. (Cr. Greene, ‘The Quiel American ). Life is so odd Lhat it is hard for us Lo sustain the mood ol our conclusions., (P. ti. Johnson, ‘An Impossible Marriage’). Here and there in the gloom a tew diners with odd faces were eating odd-looking things nut of oddly shaped dishes (H. Wouk, ‘Marjorie Mortiingsiar'). The lamp in the parlour window' threw odd golden shadows on the dark porch (M. Mitchell, ‘Gone With the Wind').

The queer middle-aged couple looked queerer still now. for the man appeared to be dyed and the woman enamelled and it was incredible that they should ever eat food at all (J. B. Priestley, ‘Angel Payment') . You ve got to have them (nipples) if you’re normal, if only because women turn queer if they don't give suck (J. Braine, 'Life at ihe Top'). He skirted

lo he jumpy, too, about telephone calls. Very unusual, rather queer, not like Mr. Dersingham (,). B. Priestley, 'Angel Pavement’). You had a queer impression that if Jack's face Iried to smile iL would break (A. J. Cronin, lThe Stars Look Damn'). As в matter of fact a queer thing happened in lhe Paradise to-day, father (A- J. Cronin, ‘The Stars Look Douitt'}, It looks a queer High Victorian atrocity of a building (A. Christie, ‘Towards Zero’}. He saw once there a sea-horse— just a queer little sea-animal that looked somewhat like a horse (Th. Dreiser, ‘ТЫ

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