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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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MIH    STOOP    s

it it А о и, город, улицу и т. п.: llic street was in a stir улица всполоши лась; 'Henly was getting ready [or the (("({Jiila, and was full о/ bustle’ (J. К■ Je- (WiicJ «В Хенли царило ожявление: шла подготовка к гребпьш гонкам». lkvM синонимам, кроме bustle н flurry, могут предшествовать каузатив- н ы с глаголы, в особенности make: the news made a stir эта новость вызвала сен- слип»; don’t make such a pother /a fuss, nit ado./ about it не устраивайте из этого шума. Для stir характерны сочетания с глаголами create, cause, raise: your request would cause /create, raise/ a great stir паша просьба всех очень взволнует. Fuss часто сочетается с глаголом kick up: to kick up a fuss поднять шум.

/(ля fuss и ado характерны сочетания со словами, имеющими усилительное ина че! uie; a great deal /а lot/ oi fuss /of ado/, such a fuss /ап ado/, a fearful /an awful/ fuss, much /no end of/ to-do страшная шумиха.

[И] Heathcliff, what are you about, rais ing this stir? (I:. Bronte, ' Wtithering Heights'). That Sunday, Bertha could have (lied ., and the burial, three days later, would not have caused any stir (G. Simmon, 'Sunday'). Shoulmg horse men are galloping from group to group, and little banners are fluttering .. and every now and then there is a deeper stir as the ranks make way .. and some great Baron on his war-horse parses along,. (J. K. Jerome, 'Three Men in и Boat ). He was both dead and cold and stark; and so yon’ll allow it was useless making more stir about him (E. Bronte, 1 Wutiu-ri/w Heights'). This is certainly a beautiful country. In all England I do not believe lhat 1 could have fixed on я situation so completely removed Irom the stir of so ciety (E. Bronte, 'Wuthering Heights').

She made a great fuss, far more noise ihan I ever did (J. B. Priestley. ‘Angel Pavement'). The loving fuss she made over the great bird., (G. Wescott, 'The Pilgrim Hawk'). 1 feel perfectly all right, darling. I'm terribly sorry for all the fuss (D. Cusack, ‘Say Ли to Death'). I've never seen anybody make so much fuss over tying a tie (S. Bar stow, 'A Kind of Loving'). You remember the fuss that Mrs. Price Ridley .. was kicking up yesterday morn fug? (A. Christie. 'The Murder at the Vicarage').

..Lavina had thought she would time her scetic for the next morning, when ttie flurry of settling Lady Taiiiesoii in was over (D. Eden, 'Winterwooti'). A momen tary flurry of attempted interruptions was beaten down.. (M. Wilson. ‘Live wilh Lightning'). He had not had time, in the flurry ol embarkation lo read (the letter) properly belore (I. Murdoch, ‘An Unof ficial Rose’). J Who’s given us the slip now, do you think?’ — ‘Who?’ I asked in a flurry (E. Bronte, ‘ Wuthering Heights').

1+ Англо-руссн. сипаний, сд.

Darling, what a pother about nothing at all! I’d never have told you if I’d known you'd carry on like that (J. Braine, ‘Room at lhe Top'), There was a great deal said by those lown [oik, but 1 dared not ask much, for when ] asked more closely what the pother was about the guards at the jail turned on me.. (Pearl Buck, 'The Mother'). It seemed the hour was later than they thought, and at length, after some pother (they) departed.. (D. du Manner,    ‘My Cousin Ra


..when he went out. he was surprised to find that it was only eight; the noise and bustle of an early-rising district had misled him (G. Simenan, 'The Man who- Watchcd the Trains Go'). Here we are galJjefcd together lor a briei moment from the bustle and rush of our everyday routine (J. Joyce, 'The Dead'). There was a great bustle as the front door was Hung open, and servants appeared to curtsey to Lady Tameson, to help wilh Flora’s chair, to carry baggage {D. Eden.

' IP interwood). {The deserted country) seemed even sadder, in retrospect, beside the bustle and prosperity of Atlanta (M. Mitchell. 'Gone with the Wind').

The arrival of guests was always an wrasiori of much stirring and to-do (M. Mitchell. ‘Gone with the Wind’). My, there’ll be a t0-do about that secret will (D. Eden,Wmterwood'). Why, my blessed fathers, whut an ado you women make about a trill el (Th. Hardy, ‘The Mayor of Casterbridge’), I'm suggesting, my lord, lhat this lady is making a great to-do about words w:hich a public man, or any ordinary citizen would have a per fect right to resent, but which the, wilh her views has no right whatever to resent (J. Galsworthy, ‘The White Monkey’).

STOOP, амер. CONDESCEND ‘делать нечто, не совместимое с нравственными принципами пли со своим общественным положением’ ронять свое достоинство, унижаться, не гнушатьси,    .