Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 384

ftHtlir    SIGHT    S

mii mumiK.io здание санатория, большое, пшременное здание, отделенное от илтн.члн ческой решеткой*; 'then

'I I.....ч|ц||^юс1 went over io the alcove

liy Hi i' 11 id window, where, though in tllll view of the ward, they coulfl not (ii< iivi'rlH'ard' (A. J. Cronin) «Затем 1 itpiu уд прошел к нише у крайнего икни где. мтя они и был к на виду у ik'i-fl палаты, их никто не мог слы- lliitii.».

|[\| Оба синонима присоединяют имя г у б ч. с к т а зрении в форме smb.'s ИЛИ притяжательного местошепия: Pick's sight /view/; his sight /view/; In my sight.

Vk'w, в отличие от sight, может управ лять предложным дополнением of smb. I of smth.l с тем же значением субъекта зрения: in lull view of (Jic ward Оба синонима могут угграв- ;i iiTi.cn предлогами in, out nf, from: land In sight /in view/; not a person in sight /m view/; out of sight, out ol mind; out ol human view; to keep smb. [smth.] Irom smb.’s sight; to hide smb. Irom view. Viuw, в отличие от sight, может управ ляться предо ого дг io; lost to view; ea- pnsed to (the) view.

[C] Sight и view употребляются в сле дующих устойчивых выраже ниях: to be in (full) sight /view/ быть (полностью) н поле зрения; to come [to ihisli] into sight /into view/ появиться Ji)jie:jariMO промелькнуть] в пме зрения: to keep /to have/ smth. in sight /in view/ держать что-л. в поле зрения; to keep smb. [smth.) from smb.’s sight /view/ держать кого-л. [что-л.I вне паля зре ния кого-л.

Sight предпочитается в сле дующих устойчивых выраже ниях: to get out of sight исчезнуть из поля зрения; to put smth. out of sight убрать что-л, с глаз; to lose smth. out о/ sight потерять что-л. из виду.

View предпочитается в следу ющих устойчивых в ы р а ж е - п н я х: to rise to view возникнуть и поле зрения: to pass /to fade/ from view исчез нуть из поля зрения; field [angle] of view поле [угол] зрения.

View используется и н свободных словосочетаниях, что нехарактерно для sight.

[Hi Mr. March knew that it was he himself whn had to be kept from her sight (C. P. Snow, 'The Conscience of the Rich'). If I did that and drove off, he’d jump tip and beat It around lhe block before I could get out of sight (IS. Catd-

iveil, 'Slow Death'). 1л the same moment his other arm, the one lhat had been out of sight, came up and over in a galvanic sweep thal seemed not to have any possible living impetus behind it (R. Chandler, 'The Little Sister). The two women riding along the bush track, detected the first humpy, then another and another, until half a dozen were in sighl about a rough open space (K. S. Prichard. ‘Martens'J. Now came in sight, three or four blocks farther on, a heap of something on the track (Th, Dreiser, ‘Sister Carrie'). At a bend nf the line the red glare of a foundry flashed Into sighl, illuminating a score of workmen stripped to the Waist, their torsos straining, arms upraised to strike (A. J. Cronin, 'The Citadel').

Ruins interrupted a direct view, but he saw the flashes of the guns, zi sort of glow over a short pari of the Front line, and Verey lights and rockets flying up continually (R. Aldington. 'Death of a Hero'). Tve had a lot of shucks this week, Mr. Whitaker,’ said a woman in a green coat, ii'huse broad mare's buck blocked Dick's view (J. Lindsay, ‘Betrayed Spring'). This person was carefully exam ining his grey flannel shirt; and such portions of his body as were exposed to view were covered with small bloody blotches (R. Aldington, ‘Death of a Hero'). He turned and silently gazed эПег the old master. Skiff Miller was rounding lhe curve. In a moment he would be gone from view (J. London, ‘Brown Wolf). ‘See that,’ ,loe said, holding up a filmycorset- -cover that he could have crumpled from view in one hand (J. London, 'Martin Eden'). In the daytime Win ter bourne sometimes crouched at his cellar-entrance and watched the explosions within his view {7?. Aldington, 'Death of a Hero'). Beyond the hall the upper half of a bed was in view, and a man lay on il in shirt and pants (R. Chandler, 'The Little Sis ter'). The lock is just opposite the town and the first thing that we saw, when we came in view pi it, was George's blazer on one of the lock gates, closer inspection showing thflt George was inside it (J. K- Jerome, 'Three Men in a Boat').

2, 'зрительно воспринимаемые элементы действительности, складывающиеся и це лое' вид, картина, внешность.

[3] Синонимы отличаются друг от дру га по следующим смысловым признакам: