Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 383

SHY    SIGHT    9

shy without affectation or awkwardness; she was innocent without being ignorant, modest without being stupid. He almost laughed at that — modest (H. M oc- !lines, ‘Assignment in Brittany' )■ ‘I must be an idiot, he assured himself, when he thought of other people's political en thusiasms and his own indifference. He was too modest lo attribute the idiocy to the other people (A. Huxley. 'Point Coun ter Point ). He was too modest to tell a lie, and too religious to wish to appear rude fi’. Leacock, 'Tile Awful Fate of Meipomemta Jonas').    _

'Yes’, she said, and halted wilh her head slightly tilled to one side, ‘Not coy. No, she wasn’t coy. She was just Anne’ (H. Meclnnes, ‘Assignment in Brittany'). Clutton and Potter sat on each side oi her, and everyone knew lhat neither had found her uncluiy coy (№'. 5. Maugham, *Of Human Bondage’).

2. ‘выражающий застенчивость илн еви- детельстиующнй о зашепчи иоети' за стенчивы]!, робкий, стыдливый, смущен ный (о лице, взгляде, мимике, голосе, манграх, свойствах и т. п.).

0 Между синонимами сохраняются те же различия, что и в значении 1: his shy eyes его робкий взгляд; a shy obeisance робкий поклон; a bashful smile смущенная /застенчивая/ улыбка; bash ful tenderness робкая нежность; a diffi dent look робкий взгляд; a diffident voice робки П голос; modest manner застенчи вые манеры; a coy glance робкий взгляд; coy sprightliness о! manner наигранная веселость, кокетливые манеры.

^ J- См. примеры ti-

Fij Не smiled as Erik helped him re move his coat, and while the smile was still as shy as it used to be, Fabermacher’s eyes didn’t change their expression of somber inner violence (M. Wilson, ‘Live with Lightning'). Then, with a long, shy look lie saw his mother (J. Galsworthy, 'To Let'). He had, she mused, given him self away there, and as she observed a slight, shy eagerness in his glancc, realized that he was altogether less com posed, less assured than upon their pre vious encounter.. (A. J. Cronin, ‘Hatter's Castle'). At times Andrew came near to 1 iking him for a flash of shy, self-conscious simplicity, then the whole thing would be shattered hy a morose and sneering word (A. J, Cronin, 'The Citadel').

They got a taxi at the next corner, and the bookseller leant back with ini air of bashful relaxation (Gr. Grtviw, ‘The Ministry of Pear').

Your garb and manner were resin clod by rule; your air was и lien diffident, и ml altogether Lhat of one refined by nature, but absolutely unused to society, и ml a good deal afraid of making herself disadvantageous!у conspicuous hy some solecism or hlimde.r.. (Ch. Bronte, 'Jant F.yre'}. It wasn’t the sort of voice he'd have expected Catchpole to have; it w« quiet, polite, and apparently diffident (К■ Amis, ‘Lucky Jim').

The seaman shook his head sadly, but they all laughed, even the fat barmaid, who was craning her neck to see the fur) and who tittered involuntarily, but re covering herself with a start, quickly merged her merriment into a more moduli cough (A. J. Cronin. 'Hatter'a Cattle').

He thought her smile affected, and the coy spriffhlliiiess of her manner irri tated him (W. S, Maugham, 'Of Human Bondage').

SIGHT, VIEW 1. ‘пространство, кото рое может быть охвачено взором' иол* зрения, пределы видимости, вид,

[3] Sight сосредоточивает внимание па самом видимом пространстве {'поло зрения’}, a view — на границах этого пространства ('пределы видимо сти'}, в связи с чем иногда подчеркива ется идея у с и л и ii, требуемых дли того, чтобы увидеть объект: 'She put Herbie’s picture in a drawer, out of her sight (D. Parker) «Она спрятала фотогра фию Херби в ящик, чтобы не видеть ее»; 'Out of the manager’s sight the head porter’s manner changed’ (Th. Dreiser) «Как только они вышли из конторы, манеры старшего привратника измени лись»; ‘Slie raised her lace to his. and in sight of the big houses many creep ered windows he kissed her’ (J, Gals worthy) «Она подняла к нему лицо, и перед множеством увитых растениями окон большого дома он попеловал ее*; ‘The distance hid them from view' (J, К ■ J frame.) «На таком расстоянии и не было видно»; ‘Winterbourne ran slum biing forwards to get a view clear of the ruins’ (R. Aldington) «Спотыкаясь, Уин*- терборн бежал вперед, туда, где раява*1 лшш не закрывали поле зрения»; ‘They came into view of the sanatorium, a bi white modern building, divided from th park by railings (A. Christie) «Перед ни