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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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|i l] In a tlay the Winterbournes dropped limn comparative influence lo cofnpara- llve poverty (R. Aldington, 'Death, of и llrro'). If you don’t Tike your riches yun can always give it up, but poverty you can’t desert, nor it won’t desect you (A. Coppard, 'The Poor Man’). Talk of n smaller ilat sounded like poverty (Th. Dreiser, ‘Sister Carrie’). They went without the small luxuries that she had managed to preserve, through war, through tlie siow grind of growing poverty— the glass of stout on Saturday night, the jwpper oi fish anil chips the jam at breakfast (C. P. Snow, 'Time of Hope'), ..liis father. Sir William Wilde, died in IS7G, leaving to his wife, Lady Wilde, nearly all he possessed, some £7.000, the interest of which was barely enough to keep her in genteel poverty (F. Harris, 'Oscar Wilde’), I could put up with his poverty, since he’s pursuing a career which isn't discreditable (С. P. Snow, 'The Conscience of the Rich1). I went away concerned about my friend, his illness, find his poverty, especially his poverty lor I saw no end to it (J. Galsworthy, 'Acme’). He was a shoe-maker—poor, of course, we’re all poor in my parish. I might almost say they died of poverty live or six years aj№, and their two daugh ters have been more or less under my eye since (J. Galsworthy, 'Endof ihe Chapter'). He did not ]ike the idea that she had been forced to it (suicide) by poverty; that seemed to reflect on the family fW. S. Maugham, ‘Of Human Bondage' J .Dusk was •titling over the valley, and Stil- leveid—his home—was a cluster of tittle mud and wood and old corrugated iron huts that lost their harsh, ugly poverty and looked soft and friendly in the twi light (P. Abrahams, ‘The Path о/ Thun der').

It need excite no surprise then to learn that a bad feeling between work ing men and the upper classes became very strong in this season of privation. The indigence and sufferings of tlie operatives induced a suspicion in the minds of many of them, that their legislators, their mag istrates, their employers and even the ministers oi religion, were, in general, llieir oppressors and enemies. (E. Gaskell, Mary Barton’). Mr. and Mrs. Bumble, deprived of their situations, were gradually reduced to great indigence and misery, and finally became paupers in that very same workhouse In which they had once lorded it over oihers (Ch. Dickens, 'Oliver Twist').

..of others being compelled to fast for days together, uncheered by any hope of better fortune, living, moreover, or rather starving, in a crowded garret, or damp cellar, and gradually sinking under the pressure of want and despair into a pre mature grave (E. Gaskelt. ‘Mary Barton’). And strangest of all—in his opinion—he saw thst the people who enjoyed abun dance of ihe things that are made by work, were the people who did nothing; and that the others, who lived in want от died o[ hunger, were the people who worked (R. Tressell, 'The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'). He saw also that a very great number—in fact, the majority of the people—lived on the verge of want; and that a smaller but still very large number lived lives of semi-starvation from the cradle to the grave; while a yet smaller but still very great number actually died of hunger, or maddened by privation, killed themselves and their children in order to put a period to their misery (R. Tressell, The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists'), He gave her the money out of a good heart—out of a realisation of her want (Th. Dreiser, '5ister Carrie').

..can I wonder that many of them, in such times of misery and destitution, spoke find acted with ferocious precipi tation? (E. Gaskell, ‘Mary Barton ). He had moments of sheer terror when lie saw himself sinking io destitution <Л. J. Cronin. ‘"The CitadeV). It still her hand which kept him from utter destitution (Ch. Bronte, 'Shirley'). And yet even his words would fall short of the awful truth; they could only present an outline of the tremendous facts of the destitution that surrounded thousands upon thousands in the terrible years 1839, 1840, and 1841 (£. Gaskell, 'Mary Barton'). So a petition was framed, and signed by thousands in the bright spring days of 1839, imploring Parliament to hear witnesses who could testify lo the unparalleled destitution of the manu facturing districts (E. Gaskell, 'Mary Barton'). Vincent came upon the fami lies shivering in their rags and eating their supper of slops, dry crusts and putrid meat. He listened to their tales of destitution and misery until nightfall (J. Stone, ‘Lust for Life’).

When illness comes they have no mon ey for a doctor. The food for tomorrow


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Три бригады медиков Минобороны прибыли в Иркутскую область для лечения ковидных больных

Три бригады врачей Минобороны РФ приехали из Санкт-Петербурга в Иркутскую область для лечения больных коронавирусом.

В субботу в Москве начинается вакцинация от коронавируса

В субботу, 5 декабря, в Москве начнется вакцинация добровольцев от коронавируса. Корреспонденты "РГ" отправятся в одно из городских медучреждений, где открыты прививочные пункты, и расскажут обо всех нюансах вакцинации. В пятницу с утра началась электронная регистрация на прививку.

Apple предупредила сервис-центры о выходе новых продуктов 8 декабря

Компания Apple предупредила сервис-центры о выходе новых продуктов 8 декабря. Таким образом, американский производитель электроники выпустил ещё не все новинки в этом году.

Пользователям Android станет доступно пять новых функций

Что готовит Google к праздникам — в материале "Газеты.Ru". Компания Google добавит в ОС Android пять новых функций, которые станут доступны большинству владельцев смартфонов на этой системе уже в ближайшие пару недель декабря, сообщает The Verge.

Эксперты ожидают выхода новых дистресс-активов

Эксперты инвестиционной компании R2 Asset Management прогнозируют появление на рынке новых дистресс-активов из-за пандемии. К середине следующего года, когда завершатся процедуры постковидных банкротств, предложение дистресс-активов может увеличиться на 30%.

Антирейтинг квартир 2021: какое жилье может потерять популярность

Вместе с экспертами рынка жилья рассказываем о типах квартир, которые будут меньше привлекать покупателей в следующем году.

Власти Андорры отложили открытие горнолыжных курортов до января

Глава ассоциации Ski Andorra, объединяющей горнолыжные курорты Андорры, Франсеск Камп также назвал его "лучшим из возможных". Решение Андорра приняла после того, как испанское правительство ввело ограничение на передвижение между всеми автономными сообществами с 23 декабря по 6 января.

В ЕС продолжается конфликт из-за открытия Австрией горнолыжного сезона

Несмотря на требование Германии отложить начало горнолыжного сезона из-за эпидемии коронавируса, Австрия объявила, что к рождественским каникулам откроет сезон. Острая дискуссия о том, когда открывать горнолыжные трассы, и открывать ли их вообще, поссорила лидеров стран ЕС.