Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 318

и1лчпнп    POLITE    p

i «(IK itniiehtencd himselE. and one In i III|lt> пинт of enjoyment escaped him ((' l'<tr)/rr, 'Little Curtis'). He did not

i. .1 nKviiys with enjoyment but inva- ii -»>l v wi 11t perseverance (W. S. Maugham, i11 imam Bondage ). He seemed lit 11n- llimes of a private enjoyment, as il lltc winilt* affair were his own invention, »Hil when he applauded it was with a sell-

11 ncnil uhtory glee (Gr. Greene, ‘The (fimrv/jKFts’J. Emery, who knew it ytl Mi<trh:mcl, sat shidying Stephenson him- ii II, Ins complacent face and bis obvious Mili’Vttient in rolling out the time-worn

0    и д1 i’s, never using one short word when ir miild find а йогеп large ones (J. Lind- mii/, 'Hrlrawd Spring'). They were all *lirnl a moment, as if in memories of hljiL'l<|>ool they looked back on an heroic не i.f enjoyment which had departed for

1    11. leaving a commonplace world \J. Lindsay, 'Betrayed Spring').

ГLEASURE II, DELIGHT, JOY, EN JOYMENT' то, что доставляет удоиолъст- mir ii.ik радость' удовольствие, радость.

13| Синонимы отличаются друг от дру- (л но тем же признакам, что п в ряду (Чг/ииге I: ‘That was damned silly — Hurlica[]y the only pleasure she has’ /). Cusack) сВот ерунда — ведь это у itec сейчас единственное удовольст- цнг"; 'Let your boat of life be light, hiickwl with only what you need — a liuintly home, and simpie pleasures, oneor Iwn Iriends worth lhe name..’(./. К- Je- tofiti) «Пусть ваша жизненная ладь л fi\.nT .четка и несет лишь то, что необхо димо уютный дом, простые удоволь- ПИ1П!, двух-трех друзей. достойных на мин, ii.cn друзьями..»; dancing is her itilrl delight таниы — ее главное удо- 1Н1,,||,1Твие; he works in a big city and often Ihmks with regret of the delights of coun try I lie он работает в большом городе и Чино с сожалением думает о радостях Гг.иикой жизни; (lie joys and sorrows of jlJi* радости и горести ж из пн; my children ЦП- ;i great joy to me дети — моя большая пидисть; ’Splendidly organized, these t onk'rences offered sporting, social, and M'lrntific enjoyments lo members and lliur Families. ' (A. J. Cronin) «Вели колепно организованные, эти конферен ции обеспечивали участникам к их itmhim всякие споркшные, светские н мшуд.тектуйлъные развлечении».

[К] Все синонимы могут употребляться Ии множественном числе (ср. t»tf) pleasure 1).

Слова pleasure, Joy и (в адтшпей мере) enjoyment способны подчинять формы со значением субъекта состояния, вводимые предлогом /о: Joe was a pleasure to him; they яге я joy to me.

PC.ii. примеры tl

It was a pleasure to reply to your quiz questions. 1 appreciate very much the clearness with which they have heen formulated (World Student News). Al ready our interests were one; already we shared the pleasures and the pains of life (W. Collins. ‘The him arid the Lady'). For years ) have shared tip ihese small pleasures, denying myself the great est (M. Wilson, 'Live with Lightning'). Jo was never anything but a comfort and a pleasure to him nowadays — an amiable chap., (J, Galsvzorthy, 'The Man of Property').

In the very beginning it was a delight to go home late at night,as be did, and iind Carrie (Th. Dreiser, ‘Sister Carrie'). All their little secrets, illnesses, engage ments, and marriages, how they were getting on, and whether they were mak ing money — all this was her property, her delight, her life.. (J. Galsamihy,

’The Man of Property''). In that soft and modulated voice he talked of girls, wom en, romance, passion, the delights of the Tiesh, the incredible attraction of a woman he had seen in the tram that morning, the wonderful prospect of track ing her down, the delights not only of the llesh but of first hearing her voice, the delight that the world was so made that, as long as we lived, the perfume of love would be scattered through the air (C. P. Snout>, 'Time of Hope').

It has been such a joy to see you and lloliy (J. Gal worthy. ‘The Man of Prop erty'). But in them his swift imagina tion visioned the joys of life they would buy. and all Lhe desires and appetites of his diseased mind and sickly flesh were tickled by the promise they extended (J. London, ‘-'Just Meat'”). 1 live ior my cats, Inspector. They are my only joy and pleasure in life (A. Cfoislie, 'The Clocks').

She never wearied of wondering where ihe people in the cars were going or what their enjoyments were (Th. Dreiser, 'Sis ter Carrie').

POLITE, CIVIL, COURTEOUS, COURTLY, GALLANT, книжн. CHIVAL ROUS 1, "такой, который в общении с другими соблюдает внешние правила

11 Дпг.чо-руссн. СИНОНИМ, сл.