Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 317


гаю, что мне предоставляется счастли вая возможность говорить с мистером Костя Кингом?».

Другое близкое к рассматриваемому значение существительного pleasure — это значение чувственного уло вил ь с т и и я, наслаждения:    a life

given lo pleasure жизнь, отданная на слаждениям; the pursuit of pleasure по гоня in наслаждениям»; a man of pleas ure жуир, сибарит; ‘i could only remem ber pleasure, easy pleasure..’ (J. Braine) «Мне вспомнилось лишь наслаждение, одно бездумное наслаждение..».

fgj Все синонимы употребляются пре имущественно и единственно м числе. Все синонимы, аа исключением delectation, способны присоединять к се бе формы со значением причины состояния; при словах pleasure, delight, joy такие формы вводятся посредством предлогов of, at. реже over, а при слопе enjoyment — преимущественно предло гом of; his pleasure at the compliment, tlie pleasure /joy/ ot living; his delight at the thought, the delight of the pressure of her hand; joy over what? Without doubt, at finding him; the enjoyment of music.

Если причиной состояли я является а к • туальное длительное дей ствие самого субъекта, то в той же функции возможен предлог in: his delight in guessing riddles, his obvious enjoyment in rolling out time-worn phrases.

И См. примеры |J.

И That was tus native town and so it gave him pleasure to mention it and he smiled (E. Hemingway, ‘Old Man at the Bridge'). ‘Hello, Mtiggie,' he said, and wondered that he got pleasure out of pro nouncing that very commonplace name (W. Machen, 'Barney’s Maggie"). She peered quickly at Frank and, when she saw who it -was, her face changed — pleas ure, bewilderment and something akin to guilt spreading over it (M. Mitchell. 'Gone with the Wind'). At first fearful, but now elated by Die success of this ad venture, Aileen beamed with pleasure (Th. Dreiser, 'The Stoic1). To sec the squat figure, that red sandy-browed face again, gave Мапкоп a rare pleasure (A. J. Cronin, 'The Citadel'). Talleyrand used to say that those who bad not known Europe before 1789 had never known the real pleasure of living (R, Aldington, ‘Death af a Hero'). She sleeps with th* dream I ess ness of a weary animal and lives with the simple and imcomplicated pleasure of an animal (D. Cusack, ‘Stiy No iti Death'). Arid so starved had been Clyde's life up lo this time and so eager was he for almost any form of picasurc. thal irom the first he listened with all too eager ears to any account of anything that spelled adventure or pleasure (Th. Draiser, ‘An American Tragedy').

It gave him exquisite delight to watch every movement and play of those lipi as they enunciated the words she spoke.. (J. London, ‘Marlin Eden'). Light, form, movement, glitter, sccnt, sound, sud denly apprehended as givers of deliglil, as interpreters of the inner vitality, nut as the cuslrjmary aspect of things (R. Al dington 'Death of a Hero'). When he heard such unords dropping carelessly from lhe lips of ihe members of this marvellous family, her family, hr thrilled with delight (J. London. 'Martin Eden'). The excitement, Ihe enchanting delight, the delicious disturbance of 'the first bail', had produced its result (f. Norris. ‘Tl\e Octopus'). 1 remembered my old friend’» de