Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 309

PASSIONATE    'I I /Г W/ 'Т    pleasant

manner слишком ггылкйя манера (речи

и т. п.).

|Й) She resented her freedom with quick and passionate indignation. She showed him her proud face and nodding head and wrathful skirts; and lurried off without a word, almost running (A. Bennett. ‘The Old №W Tale'), He lislened with passionate eagerness lo the Padre's sermons.. (E. L. Voynich, ‘The Gadjhf ). He had scarcely any sen timental tenderness, personal affection for her, but a passionate admiration, and sense oi physical need (К ■ S, Prichard, 'Coonardoo’). Moreover, he appeared to be all keenness and energy, and threw the most passionate emphasis into the slightest remark he made (J. B. Priestley, ‘Angel Pavement'). ‘Father, I will re member—for ever!’ David tried. He stood straight, the sword in his hand, liis head high, his eyes passionate (Peart Buck, ‘Tiie Handmaid’).

His love was more ardent than ever, for he loved her for what she was, and even her physical frailty was an added charm in his eyes (J. London, 'Martin Eden’). It was something which Berenice could not fully realise, particularly because of his ardent pursuit of tier (Th. Dreiser, ‘The Stoic’). ..lie thought that, this was the only way to prevent Austria, which he loved with ardent patriotism, from being absorbed by Germany.. (IP. S. Maugham, ’ U put the Villa'). ..his lips were well-modelled and sensitive and ardent— they revealed him as a dreamer and a lover (M. R. Halt, ‘The Well of Loneli ness') .

He told them that his mother had written to Signor Carella, and they both uttered fervent wishes tor her success (E. M. Forster, ' Where Angels Fear to Tread'). As a boy he bad a fervent pri vate religion (D. H. Lawrence, 'Sons and Lovers'). Skeffington had nothing new to say, the Court heard his opinion, fer vent and lofty, times enough before (C. P. Snoai, ‘The Affair'). ‘Oil, it’s easy to say that,’ said Lena, not dis pleased, however, at his fervent tone (J. B. Priest let/, ‘Angel Pavernent').

..an understanding soul for whom Sarah formed a fervid, almost hysterical devotion (C. 0. Skinner, 'Madame Sarah'). Though she was wailing for past love affairs, her manner was fervid, almost jaunty (C. P. Snow,The Ne.z> Men'). lie watched her crouching, sipping the flowers with fervid kisses (D. H. Lawrence, ‘Sons and Loi'crs').

..and when the evening came, and they were all sitting together in Florence's new room, Walter praised him in a most impassioned manner,. (Ch. Dickens, 'Dom- bey and Son'). 'Shut up while I'm trying to play,’ yelled Mrs. Zelenko, not paus ing her impassioned pounding (H. Wuuk, 'Marjorie Morningstur’).

PLEASANT, PLF.ASING, AGREEA BLE, 1 книжн ► GRATEFUL, книжн. GRATIF Yl NG. WELCOME ‘способный до ставить удовольствие или удовлетворение' радующий; привлекательный, приятн