Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 297


(J. Lindsay, 'Betrayed Spring’J. The machinery it has set up for ihe detection of crime is miserably infective—and yet only invent a moral epigram, saying that it works well, and you blind every body to its blunders from that moment (W. Collins. 'The Woman in White'). If it hadn't been for his blunders, he would have finished the article id three days (J. London. 'Martin Eden'). The blun ders, the mistakes, the negligences of his inexperienced men were legion, and all were visited upon him by the marti net Colonel (R. Aldington, 'Death of a Hero). All was confusion, panic. People might say afterwards, 'Old Macar- thur lost his nerve a bit, made same colos sal blunders, sacrificed some of his best men'. They couldn't say more (A. Chris tie, ‘Ten Litlte Niggers'). He was afraid of making another imprudent blunder, and yet he felt lhat he must see her at once, or the opportunity would tie fur ever lost (A. J. Cronin, 'Hatter's Castle'),

With the remainder of ihe class—excus ing a couple of slips when he called Raymond ‘Buddy' and Susan ‘Peaches'," he did moderately well (F. G. Patton, ‘Good Morning, Miss Dove’). It was no mere slip of the longue which had caused Brarmvell to make that crass error. His entire conduct at the case betrayed his ignorance (A. J. Cronin,The. Citadel'). She had never called him by his iirst name before and the sound came to him as a pleasant shock and surprise. The poor girl was probably so upset. She didn't even notice her slip (M. Mitchell, 'Gone with the Wind'). ‘Ahl voita line femme, Hast ings! What force, what self-command! She only made one slip. On his unexpect ed return: ‘It does not matter—now.' And no one noticed—no one realized the significance of those words’ (A. Christie, 'The Murder on the Links'). We are fight ing against a stranglehold. One slip, and we shall have our necks broken (ti. Machi nes, 'Assignment in Brittany'). ..so the fact that ,. he .. had sent Duds Morrison out alone to die, made him furious. It had been a professional slip of the worst kind and he hated himself for making it (M. Altinghum. ‘The Tiger in the Smoke'). It was astonishing how many—and some of them among [lie experts, too—would forfeit all their innings by such slips (П. Parker, 'The Standard of Living').

The following lapses in articulation of consonants frequently occur; the drop ping of final T or 'd’; the soundlrm rd final ‘d1 as ‘t1; the sounding of V нч Ti and slackness in the pronunciation id ‘m’ and ‘n’ (Junior Secondary Education!, Mr, Pullet, by an unaccountable Iii|km of memory, had forgotten it, and hue- lencd out wilh a stricken conscience li> remedy the omission (Q. Eliot, 'The Mitt on the Floss'). ..and always the lupw occurs at some crisis, when a facile word or possible pretext is especially wanti-d to get me out of painful embarrassing ul (Ch. Вгопгё, 'Jane Byre'),


OCCUPATION, высок * CALLING, высок. VOCATION, MfeTIER, BUSI NESS ‘род зал яти ft или трудовой ден. тел ьн ости, требующим специальных зия ний Н.1И ПОДГОТОВКИ н являющийся ис точником сущесгнованни' работа; СПС’ циальность, профессия.

[3| Occupation ыожег относиться к л нь

б о Й области физического ил к у м с т и е и и о г о труда: what's Ж* occupation? кто on no профессии?; he 1я by occupation a shoemaker la bookbinder, a bricklayer, an engine-driver, a teacher, an architect] он по специальности сапож ник (переплетчик, каменщик, машинист, учитель, архнгектор].

Calling и vocation обозначают профессии! преимущественно и области умст венного труда, избранную обычно в соответствии с влечениями или способностями человека, части (особенно calling) нз высоких по буждений: to make one’s choice id a calling выбрать себе профессию; to choose teaching as a vocation избрать про фессию учителя; to mistake one’s voca tion ошибиться и выборе профессии; mechanical vocations технические еле* циальиости. Будучи употреблены 1) би товых ситуациях, слова vocation и в осо бенности calling приобретают несколько претенциозный характер: what is your vocation /calling/? какова ваша профес сия /специальность/?, каков род ваших занятий?

Metier (ремесло) обозначает занятия, чаще всего (по не обязательно) связан ные с физическим трудом И требующие от человека хорошей прак тической хватки: this hairdress*


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