Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 296

ммлке    MISTAKE    м

Bmitiiiiir грдмматвчеекяй ляпсус; a lapse memory провал памяти; there were §ичи1опн1 lapses in liis treatment of tlie <wl it его трактовке темы были от- IMi4ii.lv неточности; for all his lapses Нрк 1.ч real purity in him несмотря из pfti си) прегрешения, он внутренне очень HHi'iufl человек; his severe training made hint Ь^ч i‘I writable for the lapses of others jiy|Hitun> воспитание сделало его менее *НЫ'М>ДПгельным к ошибкам других.

|[Г| Ни* синонимы управляют л р е д - Л п iii н и м дополнением tn smth., обо- 1И1С|.|И1Ц11М действие или р е -

I v '| <н т а т действия, в выполнен ни 1т(1цнич1 допущена ошибка; a mistake |Н I nlviiluting, an error in reading [in mill I mill, a blunder in a translation,

*    «Ир /a lapse/ in articulation. To же пред- Лнн.ние дополнение может обозначать I* ii к г р ж а пне ошибки (то, в чем MHHriit.t состоит) при словах mistake л Whir: you make a great mistake /error/ ill ley I iif* to bring up children without mmhhiiient,

MMiiki’, error и blunder управляют

0    |i !■ л л о ж н ы м дополнением of milli., которое тоже может обозначать f 11 1 1' р ж а и н е ошибки; to make the liiMnke |(lie error, the gross bluntier]

111 uiciil inning it to a stranger, to commit «11 rrr«r of omission. Прн словах mistake, Mtnr, slip v. t&pse предложное dniiHiiicHHC of smth. может обозначать, HpuMi' того, систему (память, цп- Шп-и'кт а т.п.), ответственную за ошиб ку л mistake /ап error/ of judgement,

Г 'lip of the tongue, a lapse of memory, balnea, слово mistake может употреб- Лм i «.гм и конструкции с эксллстив- |i 1,1 м it и инфинитивом (it was M niMiike to have come) и н конструкции hi tin with, by mistake, что нехарактерно Д||н лругих синонимов ряда.

|« | Mistake, error и blunder, в спот- iwiriiitiii со своим значением, сочетаются г I пполами to make и to commit: make Aiimiiiit/ a mistake Isn error, a blunder/ win м. /совершить/ ошибку. Slip сочс- Ht’U-ч только e ncpisuM из этих глаголов,

■ л hi lapse нехарактерны сочетания ни

1    ним нм из них. См. тж, примеры

|| || And speaking with the rapidity of щи who tries to say 'Peter Piper picked

#    |i>< k of pickled pepper’ in the shortest tHU'illilc time and with tlie fewest possible ItiMiibcs, she poured out their history ffinl 1 lieir grievances (A. Huxley. 'Point t.vtmirr Paint'). He had heard her play many times, oi course, but never with a group or in public.. Christ, was 1 proud. She didn’t make any mistakes that 3 could notice (E. Segal, ‘Love Story'), There couldn’t be a mistake, though, this was the current directory, he had bought it only a month ago (A. .!. Cronin, ‘The Citadel'). But Lily seldom made a mis take in the orders, so that she got on well with her lliree mistresses (J. Joyce, 'Dubliners,'). '1 never made a bigger mistake in my life than when I left home. Mum,' he said tn her once (W. S. Л) aitgkam. 'The Kite'). And the bighat with the velvet streamer—if only it was anoth er hat! Were the people looking fit her! They must he. It was a mistake in have come; she know all along it was a mistake. Should she go back even now? (K. Mans field, 'The Garden Party'), He had taken up a wrong tone. His whole speech was a mistake from first to last, an utter failure (.!. Jotjcc. ‘Dubliners'). Cliaddy looked up surprised. 'There must be some mistake. The Emir’s car came for her alwut three quarters of an hour ago.,’ (A. Christie, ‘Cat among the Pigeons’).

There were few errors for him to note, and these were so trivial that he apolo gized for quibbling (Al. Wilson, 'Live with Lightning'). Her inclination, aris ing from established editorial habit, was to pick the letter to pieces—to point out its errors in tone and spelling (F, 0. Pat ton, ‘Goad Morning, Miss Dove'). lie had a broken nose and his battered face looked like a potter’s error—a rejected-for-export face (Gr, Greene, ‘The. Ministry of Fear'). Her third child was due in early August; with Mr. March-like precision, she an nounced the probable day with a margin of error plus or minus (C. P. Snow, 'The Conscience of the Rich'). We have made a colossal and tragic error, we have in volved you and all of us 111 a huge war.. (R. A Idington, 'Death of a Hero'), ‘ Good morning, sir'. The ‘sir’ was an error in tactics, like the soft hat at too official an angle and the unchanging page of the Du;iij Mirror (Gr. Greene, 'The AJinisfry of Fear').

Aspern was talking away about 3 press conference where Bevin made wliat was announced as a basic statement of Foreign Office views on the situation in the Near East; and Aspern, who had spent some years in Egypt, Palestine, Iraq, had noted a gross blunder which made nonsense of most of the contentions

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