Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 277


look at smth. метнуть взгляд на что-л.; to steal a look al smth. броснтьна что-л, взгляд украдкой; to direct one’s look at smth. напраингь взгляд на что-л.; to fix one's look 011 smth. останогнть csoii гзгляд на чем-л.; liis look paused

I stayed I on her его взгляд задержался [ип'аншшлея] на nci'i; a brief [a quirk, у cursory. ап attentive, a good, a lender, an angry] lonk коротким |быстрый, бвг- льШ, шиш ательиый, пристальиыГг, неж- иыи. 1 певиц»] взгляд.

Glance может сочетаться почти со в С е - М и этими г л я г о л а м и и п р и л я - Г а т е л ь и ы м п. цо, о соответствии


обычно сочетается с темп in mix, кото рые обозначают быстрые взгляды: to give a glance at Ralph пзглануть ка Нальфа; to throw До cast/ a glance at smth. бросить взгляд на что-л.; to dart /lo shoot, to flash/ a glance at smth. метнуть шмид па что-л.; to steal и glance at smth. взглянуть на что-л. украдкой /исподтишка/; a brief |ап angry, a tender| glance at smth. короткий [гневный, нежный) взгляд на чтл-л. Сомнительны или невозможны сочета ния типа <* to direct one’s glance at smth., * a good [an attentive) glance. Кроме того, look и glance сочетаются e еущестпите.шными, обозначающими выражение взгляда: a look /а gla nce/ of admiration восхищенiiuii взгляд. Большинство этих употреблений невоз можно для glimpse, peep, sight и view, которые имеют гораздо более о г р а - Н ti ч е И к у ю сочетземость (гм. при меры tl>.

[И| Just one look and he knew il was no good, just like before one Wh and he knew that lie loved her (W. Aim ken, 'Barney's Maggie'). With another look round at the furniture, as if to gauge his sister’s exact position, Soames ■went out towards Piccadilly (J. Galsworthy, 'In Chancery'). As he went on his rounds Andrew was conscious of black looks directed towards him (A. J. Cronin, 'The Cituikl'). -She asked him about his journey home and lhe demob delays, and he was able to have a yood lank at her J Lindsey, 'Betrayed Spring )■ When, inally, he wearied of standing upright he gave her a last adoring look and lay down under her Led and snored (D. Cusack, 'Say No to Death'). 'l.lmphl’ said the man, as he got up tn leave the bus, casting a suspicions look al this foreign-looking and unpatriotic person (К. /Ш|'лд(0и, ‘/leciifi of n Hero’). He took another look at himself in the glass, and said aloud, with great solemnity: ‘Martin Eden, the first thing to-morrow you go to the free library an’ read up on ellquetle. Understand!1 (J. London, ‘Mar tin E dm').

A glance ahead to where the old master was nearing Ihe curve of the trail excited him again (,/. l.midm, 'tirowi Wo!)'). Then, at lhe cud of all, it was llie ranch again, seen in a lust brief glancc before he had gene to bed.. (F. Norris 'The Octo pus'), So far as I could notice, liis glancc did not stay loo long on Katherine, whose face was fresh with happiness as she talked to Francis (C, P. Snoic, ‘The Conscience of ihe Rich'). When, finally, he was admitted on tiptoe to a glance at

I he half-dead woman with the horrid lillle packet of red infant by her side, he — raised his hand ami gave them his blessing (R. Aldington, 'Death of a Hero'). Her soft brown eyes ga/.ed out of the window and were focused upon the far off distance as if they saw something there, some scene which shaped itself enchantingly under her shining glance (A. J. Cronin., ‘Hatter's Cas(le'). She postured with her hands behind her head, and gave a sidelong glance at Phyl. who noted it with a touch of resentment (J. Lindsay, 'Betrayed Spring'), Often had she seen, or imagined that she had seen, this fair с rent иге throwing glances of admiration upon the person of her lover, and sometimes sh