Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 269


Ann T.lize saw ils (Hie reformation) beginnings when slie was still eleven and residing in Payson, where Her mother taught at school while her father was abroad (I. Wallace. 'The Twenty-Seventh Wife'}. She continued to reside in the Frorit-Street house, and was considered у charming anil interesting widow (Th. Dreiser. 'The Tinaneier'). The lady imder whose roof I have the honour of residing is a widow (J. K- Jerome, ‘Three Men in a Boat").

How different, lie thought, from the atmosphere of beaulv and repose of the bouse v,herein Ruth dwelt (J. London. 'Martin Eden'). Tiie same lias been said nf the Moslem harem rival wives do dwell together in amity; and do quote Ihe proverb‘the more tlie merrier' (/. Wal- fare, 'The Twenty-SWcnth Wife). Mis father was a carpenter and they dwelt in a little old red-brick house, neat anti dean (U'\ S. Maugham, ‘The. Moon and Sixpence'). As lliey кпщЫ side by side in the field, so they dwelled side by side cn the soil (J. /?. Gccn0. E. D.).

On ihe following evening .. he presented himself in tremulous expectation at the hnii'e of Mrs, Herbert, with whom Chris tine lodged near the institute (A. J. Cro nin, 'The Citadel'). When he was lodging hy himself in the house ot a certain Mrs. Gippings (J, Д. Jerome, 'Three Men in a Boat’). Dawes lodged with her sister (D. H. Lawrence, 'Sons ami Livers'). The Strattons had previously invited her to lodge with them (I. Wallace, 'The Tiueniy-Seventh Wife ). He was ladling fn a house on Ihe main road where she used to visit (J. Joyce, 'Dubliners').

As for Robert, from Birmingham he had gone on to London, where he still sojourns (Ch. Bronte, 'Jane Eyre'). Sever al months ago 1 was sojourning at Neapo- lis (Lytton, 'Pompeii'0. E. D.).

There were two other guests, professor and Mrs, Challis who were staying over the week rad wi ill th? Vaughans (A.J. Cro nin, 'The Citadel'). We stayed in tiny village inns where lhey serve fish ('Daily Worker’, Teti. 26, 1964). Stay in first -class modern hotels, seconds from tlie sea and beaches (’Daily Worker', Esb. 26, 1964).

He was more respectable than good ■ Queen Bess; he didn't put lip at the public house (J. !(. Jerome. 'Three Men In a Boat'). 1 derided to treat myself to a sumptuous (east, and then put up al a good hotel (7/. G. Wells, 'The Invisible /Man’). We decided to paddle on to Pailgbourne, and put lip there for the night (J. K. Jerome, 1 Three, Men. in a Boat'). Arriving ,, in Melbourne, I wan dered TDnnii and wondered where to put up (J, Lindsuy, 'Betrayed Spring'). If you stop at Somiing, put up at the 'Bull’ (J. K. Jerome, 'Three Mm lit tt Boat').

be had donated to the Free Library enormously, lie presided over the Literary Society and had Members of Parliament

10    stop with him (E. M. Forsier, 'A Pas sage fa India'),

LIVING, книжн. SUSTLNANCE, рил: BREAD или BREAD AND BUTTER, LIVELIHOOD, книжн. SUBSISTENCE, MAINTENANCE, SUPPORT, разг. KEEP 'совокупность материальных ресурсов, необходимых для оСсснеченнн потреб ностей или поддержания жтни чело века’ средства к сущее пшизн ню, содер жание, хлеб пасу mm,tit,

[3[ Си цок ими итличаюкя дру i от дру га no следующим смысловым признакам:

1) у р о в е !i ь обеспечена» по требностей человека, 2) характер средств, 3) источники, из которых они получаются.

Living, sustenance, livelihood, mainte nance, support, bread и keep обозначают ресурсы, достаточные для м и и и и а .'] ь-

11    о г о удовлетворения и о р м ;| л ь -

н ы х потребностей человека а еде н одежде, в то прем я как subsistence обо значает обеспечение не нормальных, а лишь м н и и м а л ь и ы х потребно стей, беч удовлетг,прения которых ста* нмтся под угрозу физическое су ществование человека (примеры см. I).    _

Living, sustenance, subsistence, keep и bread обозначают it средства существо- и о о б in с, н нишу iwit ос- ионное средство существования, п то время как livelihood, maintenance и support обозначают толг.ко средстпа су ществования в целому примеры см.\), Living о г л и чаете и от sustenance главным образом лодчеркива л и с м; пер вое слово сосредоточивает снимание на обеспечении потребностей или процессе существования, в то время как sustenance выдвигает на нерпы!! план идею средств, необходимых для поддержания *ияни: to make a living яараОагывачь на жизнь; to earn ail honest living честным трудов