Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 241


tlie other to shake the water out of his eats он прыгал то па од noil ноге, то на другой, чтобы рода вылилась из ушей.

[|3 Осе синонимы управляют пред ложными и наречным и груп пами со значением начально й или конечном течки (from Ioutof] smtli., in \inio, onto\ smth.), маршрута и/i и направления (down [over, across, a long) smth., around, aside, away, forward, up and down и т. п.), места (about smth.); примеры см.

Все синонимы, за исключением spring и bound, могут управлять прямым дополнением со значением маршру т а прыжка (чаще всего — прсодолеиас- мон преграды): to jump /to leap/ a hedge |a streamlo hop a hedge; to skip a brook [a puddle].

Bee си no ними способны к абсо лютивному употреблению.

И С At, примеры fj.

И When lie heard the ice cracking under foot he jumped in the canoe, pushed it free of ihe small cakes, anti started paddling (J. Aldridge, ‘The Hunter'). He 'meow’d1 with caution once or twice as he went, ihen jumped to (he roof of the wood-shed and thence to the ground (M. Twain, 'The Adventures of Tom Saw yer'). Being unable to remove the chain,

I jumped over, and running up lhe flagged с и useway ,, knocked vainly lor ad it} Шалее..    (ZT. Bronte, ‘ И" и timing

Heights'). Often I jumped from stone to stone on the broad bed of the shallow clear, Fast-flowing river (P. Abrahams, ‘Tell Freedom'). He was going to jump lhe pasture fence and we hepped up scared to dealti (M. Mitch?It, ‘Gone wilh the tVind'). Miriam did not care for the game, and stood aside, Edgar and Jef frey .. Cara and Paul jumped (D. 11. Law rence, ‘Sons and Lovers'). She looked up when she saw her mother and began to jump (K,, Mansfield. ‘Selected Stories').

He leaped over the fence.. and ran aeryss the lavcn.. (W. Saroyan, 'Love'). The animals leaped over a few bushes and swiftly went spring-hopping up tlie steep gradient (0. Gordon, 'Let the Datj Perish'), They admired the lady in black velvet with rose-purple legs who leapt so neaily on lo the galloping horse.. (D. H. Lawrence, ‘F.nglntid, My Eng land') . Before Moose could fire, one of the beasts raised its head and was alert and then in motion, leaping across lhe edge of the ice on the swamp followed by its male (J. Aldridge, 'The Hunter'). The dogs ., leap about her, struggling and pulling at her arm.. (S. Birmingham,

'Those Harper Women'). And away lie flew, hiding, running through lhe uncut hay on lhe fawn ., making a rush for the kitchen garden leaping up and down like a wild Indian (K. Mansfield, 'Selected Stories’). crickets chirped and leapt dizzily in the moonlight., (J. Wain, 'Hurry on Down').

He gave a wild burst of laughter, doub led himself up with glee, and then sprang high into lhe air (J. Murdoch, 'The Italian Girl'). He с might lhe sycamore branch solidly and sprang onto it, then twirled in н circle severй1 limes, using it for a bar (W. Saroyan, 'Love'). To Mr. Smeeth .. life was a journey through a jungle where poisonous snakes were lurking and menacing tigers migbl spring out of every t(ticket (J. B. Priestley, 'Angel Pavement'). At lhe same instant Martin sprang for him, clutching him by the throat.. (J. London, 'Martin Eden'). He sprang forward, dropping his hat, and seized both her wrists and held them light (J. 8. Priestley. 'Atigel Pavement'). ..and then he would spring round lhe room looking for his handkerchief (J. K. Jerome, 'Three Men in a Boat').

Mike bounded up the slope like an antelope (D■ Carter. ‘Fatherless Sons’).

I .searched for s pi лее with stones, the)) hounded across {the river) (P. Abrahams. 'Tell Freedom'). He watched (the dog) now as he hounded about near the path running up lo Michael and away again.. (I. Murdoch, 'The Bell'). When they stopped, Ugly (lhe dog) bounded straight over the side of the open car and through ihe hall door (M. Dickens, 'The Angel In th.e Corner'). 'IIcllo, hello’, shouted Cori, as he bounded forward with a broad and genial grin (A. J. Cronin, 1The Citadel'). He suddenly bounded aside into the road, where some yards away, a large taxi-like car was wasting in a side-street., {К. Amis, 'Lucky Jim').

He would skip about the stage on one leg if he was pleased., (W. S. Maugham, ‘Tlwatre’). Someone found a long rope, and they began skipping. And never tlid they skip so high, run in and out so fast, or do such daring things as on that morn ing (K- Mansfield, 'Selected Stories'), He began running even faster, so that people began to skip out of his way and look at him with wondering resentment