Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 228


i ti и и o. Clever, кроме того, а предика- iiiiiiiui'i функции может принимать допол ощи* с предлогом at: to be clever at


|t.] Иге синонимы сочетаются с суще- | пшп'.'тпыми - названиями ч с л о - щ v к в или животного (примеры iM. Ш, lii-e синонимы, за исключением tjulik-witted, сочетаются с cyiutvi'im- 1Р.ЧЫИ4МИ типа mind, intellect, mental i(i|nii iliwt. ой означающими интел-

vi i* к т: an intelligent /а clever, an alert, н MiKirt, a bright/ гпind глубокий Аштый, fii.ic rpuii, жиной, восприимчивый/ ум.

|1 II 'Го have Mary, who is a well-read liilrllijjenl woman, is marvellous. She has fciilly a first-class brain — a man's brain -* she has read widely and deeply and lliere is nothing she cannot discuss (A, Christie, 'Towards Zero'). She was ninth too intelligent not to know in what *i»iiiiiation the public held her, but she vtiri modest about herself (W. S. Maugham, ‘ Theatre'). Moreover since the mind W(is intelligent, it realised that there nuist be intelligent provision leii tor the imloivseen (A. Christie, 'Towards Zero').

..clever as she was, she did not possess Ihe humblest of educational qualifications Sam, 'Homecomings'), The total number uf his papers in a brisk scientific

i ni Ii ii w here really clever people published live times a year, was not more than Iwenty-five in thirty years (S. Lewis, 'Arrowsinith'). Aunt Jnley was sure that ik'iir Val was very .clever.'I always re number,’ she added, ‘how he gave his hud penny to a beggar’ (J. Galsworthy, 'In Oumcery'). ..she had a surprisingly Mud heart as well as a terrifyingly clever inline;il head (J. ti. Priestley, 'Angel I'amueni').

Me was so keen, so alert fur a boy o{ I 111 i teen (Th. Dreiser, 'The Financier’). Ami nothing pleased her beUer than to tlwve an alert, obliging little friend (ГД. Ii route, 'Shirley'). ... he was vain tit the wider knowledge he had acquired Iniin the perusal of so many books, his mind was alert, and he had not the skill Id link: his contempt for his companions' ilupulity (W. S. Maugham. ‘Of Human Ht»ll/l i irf'J.

I lildii was quick-witted. She had noticed ti in4*llу wooden chain upon Gretel’s llrtk. — 'Carve me a chain, Hans, like I hr one your sister wears’ (/VI. Dodge, ‘/’/if* Silver Skates’), Opium makes you quick-wilted — perhaps only because it

calms the nerves and stills the emotions (Gr. Greene, ‘The Quiet American').

Slie is what I сйП a smart pupil, quick as a needle (A. J- Cronin, 'Hatter's Castle'). He was clever at his business. One day Michael said to her: ‘Smart fellow, Tom. He knows a lot about income Lax’ (W. S. Maugham. 'Theatre"). Thai smart lit at) ot yours is sure to th nk on something clever for me to put in (A. J. Cronin. ‘Hotter's Castle').

People were beginning to talk of me as a height young man (C. P. Snow, ‘The Search'). Do you know, lie is the ' brightest, the most intellectual man I have ever talked wiLh (J. London, 'Mar tin Eden').

INTELLIGENT 11, CLEVER, pa.v. SMART, разе. BRIGHT ‘свойственный умному человеку, отражающий или выра жающий ум’ умшли, толковый.

)3] Смысловые различил между сино нимами те ;ке, что в ряду intelligent I: an intelligent answer умпын/содсржа- тельный/ отпет; intelligent advice умный /основательный/ сонет; ml intelligent interpretation of the text умная /глубо кая/ интерпретации текста; an intelli gent face умное /интеллигентное/ лицо; clever eyes умные глаза; a clever reply умный /толковый/ ответ; clever advice разумный /дельный/ совет; a clever article умная /толковая/ статья; clever understanding ясное и правильное пони мание; a smart remark меткое замечание; a smart bright/ idea умная /блестящая/ мысли.

Clever и smart употребляются без р а а - личин б смысле как оценочные слова, В этом случае они требуют кон струкции clever /smart/ of /for/ smb. to do smth. u характеризуют    п о -

cry и к и и.чи действия лица: how clever /snmrt/ of you to have sent that letter in time как умно /мудро/ вы поступил и, отослав письмо вовремя; it would be clever /smart/ lor you lo stop the experiment вы поступите умно, если прекратите опыт.

[К] См. примеры U.

|Q Все синонимы могут употребляться с определяемым слоном — названием высказывания (совета, вопроса, Ответа) или продукта интел лектуальной деятельное- ■г и лица (мнения, идеи, статьи и т. п.): an intelligent idea [theory, speech] ум ная /глубокая/ мысль [теория, речь]; a clever decision [opinion, question, book]