Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 217


при каждом из синонимов возможны не псе такие глаголы, a только некоторые: to have /to hold/ smb. in honour; to give /to pay/ honour to smb. оказынать ко му-л. знаки унижения; lie is a grand old man and I want to pay liim honour on благородный старик, н я хочу засацде- тельетвоиать ему ему почтение: tu du /to pay. to render /homage I о smb. отда вать должное кому-лI must pay hom age to Mrs. N. и должен з ас it и лете л ь- стеов'ять свое почтение госпоже Н.; to pay /to show/ deference to smb., to treat smb. with deference почтительно от носиться к кому-л.; to hold smb. in reverence, to regard smb. with reverence, to fed reverence for smb. испытывать глубокое уважение к кому-л.; to do /to pay/ revere псе to smb. оказывать кому-л. знаки почтительного внимания; chil dren must show revere псе to their parents дети должны относиться к сиоим роди телям с уважением.

Для с икон и моп homage, deference и reverence характерно сочетание с глаго лами типа to greet ‘нрИЕететповати’, to kneel ‘преклонять колени’, to bow ‘скло няться, кланяться’, описывающими при нятые d обществе ф о р м ы проявле ния уважения: I bow in homage ,'in def erence/ to your tn lent я почтительно склоняю голову неред вашим талантом; when he appeared tbe people knelt in homage /in reverence/ когда он появился, люди преклонили перед ним колени; he greeted her with affection, even wiLL deference он приветствовал cc нежно, даже почтительно.

Щ When she wished to do honour to a friend she cooked the dinner with her own hands (W. S. Maugham, ‘The Moon mid Sixpence ). He .seals him in a seat of honour ( U:’. S. Maugham, 'The Mvon and Sixpence'). Babbut’s porter was an obsequious grey-haired negro who did him an honour highly esteemed in the land of Lejiith—greeted him by name (S. Lesiis, ‘Babbitt’).

She had accepted his exceedingly dis creet homage .. wilh a warm and amused gratitude (7. Murdoch. ‘All Unofficial fcose'), Alter paying homage lo lhat ex quisite poem in stone they were lo molor

io some modest streamside inn.. (Th. L> re iser, ‘Thu Stoic). After carefully paying homage to the Republican Party, he asked members lo remember that Kennedy’s family had made great sacrifices to the war (J. ,11. Burns, 1John Kennedy).


Babbitt had spoken with the deference which all the Clan of Good Fellows give to hotel clerks (S. Lewis, 'Babbitt1). The assistants treated him with a special deference, almost with a special love (I. Murdoch, ‘An Unofficial Rose'). She, too, wore black in deference to lhe Colo nel’s taste.. (It. Kindlons, 'His Lad if s Pleasure'). Even Aunt Fitly, downstairs in the library, was not rocking her creak ing chair in deference Lo Scarlett’s sorrow (M. Mitchell.Gone with lhe Wind').

Of a decent man in Lenlth it was required that he should belong to one, preferably two or three of the innumerous. ‘lodges’ and prosperity—boosing lunch— dubs .. and о I her secret orders character ised by a high degree of heartiness, sound morals, and reverence for the Con stitution (S. Lewis. 'Babbitt"). She yavc the title with a naive reverence (A. J. Cro nin, 'Adventures in Two Worlds') ‘Poor creatures, they little know how unworihy I am of Iheir reverence’ (W, S. Maugham, 'Catalina'j. One svviit glance and they were ministered, wilh reverence, lo lhe finest table in the room.. (A. J. Cronin, 'The Citadel').