Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 215


(Н| ..and I doubt if I would have ever complcLed it had lie not Riven me the honest Rex-like approach lo the mystery of Guy (L. Atidkindoss, ‘The Embezzler1). I give you entire liberty, but I trust you to make an honest use of it (L. A knit, ‘Little Women'). The words she said—just as when we first met secretly in the ca te- -were honest (C. P. Snow, ‘ llonmcom- ir.gx'). The two hardest things in the world to find are true altruism and honest clear thinking (11. Wat pole, 'Jen'my'). Soptiia had been determined lo complete an honest fumigation of llie entire flat (A. Ben net!, 'The Old W'rees' Tttle').

11 is upright chivalrous conduct (0. E. D.j. But the touch of that cool, pure hancf would distress her, causing her spirit tn ache with longing for the simple and upright and honourable things,. (M. R. Hall, 'The Well <>j Loneliness').

To live in the conscientious practice of all that Is good ("5. Butler— 0. E.D.). I fully understand and res peel the con scientious objection to irregularities in judicial proceedings.. (E. L. Voynich, 'The Gadfly'), ..but such as the work was, it was thorough, conscientious, and complete (J. Galsworthy, 'To Let'). 1 am more ashamed to recall that my visions of a smart life were derived less Irom my sober and conscientious reading than from my less publicly avowed reading of Michael Arlen (P. H, Johnson, ‘An Impos sible Marriage').

They kept their word. And in hum,in things, particularly with the young, they were uneasy unless they behaved in a fashion that was scrupulous and just (C. P. Snow. ‘The № oaten). I don’t sav it was very scrupulous, but when lie'd had a few drinks it wasn’t hard tu get money out of him f S. .ASaiwkam, 'Theatre'). ..he had gone .. to indulge far a time in a scrupulous per formance of religious exercises.. (/. Con- rod, 'The Rescue’).

Our long success shows our honourable dealings with our clients (./. London, ‘The Assassination Bureau Ltd.'). Then, as time went on, I regretted 1 had prom ised you, and was trying to set1 an hon ourable way to break it off (Th. Hardy, ‘Jude the- Obscure'). ..warm and tender sentiments have been engendered—senti ments of the most honourable and inspir ing kind (Ch. E>ickens, ‘The Old Curim- iiyShop’). ‘I could wrap this up,’ I wrote, ‘end make it sound more honourable and more dignified by pretending it was for someone else's sake’ (Gr. Greens,

*The Quid American').

HONOUR. HOMAGE, DEFERENCE, REVERENCE ‘:i паки внимании. диктуе мые чувством уважении к человеку или к его положению г. обществе’ почтение, почитание. почтительность, чсс.те>.

[gj Синонимы отличаются друг от дру га по следующим смысловым призна кам: 1) п р и 'I п :i а чувства (уважение к л и ч н о е т и или занимаемому чело веком положсни ю), 2) его х а - р актер, 3) обязательность—необяза тельность внешнего п р о я и л е- и и я уважения и сами ф о р и ы его проявления, социальные отппше- и и я между субъектом и объектом ува жения.

Honour, homage и deference, в отличие от reverence, срочна чают уважение только