Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 211


«Он словно сошел с. рекламы для охот ничьих плащей: шикарные ботннки на ногах и невозмутимое хладнокровие на лице».

В религиозных текстах все слова имеют близкие к расе ы а тр и наем ому. ло более специальные. иногда тс р Mil п о л or И чес к не значения: ihe Holy Land снятая земля; Holy Cross крест господень; Holy Spir it дух спятой; Holy Week страстная не деля; holy water снятая еода; holy bread проешфа; sacred vessels церковная ут- ьарь; sacred writing(s) /book/ священная книга; tbe sacred book библия; Sacred /Holy/ Writ священное писание, библия; sacred literature церковная литература; sacred music духовная музыка; a divine being cun божий.

|~j(l Все синонимы употребляются а т • p и б ут и в и о и предикатив- н о; в последнем случае слона holy и sacred, а соответствии со своими смысло выми особенностями (ст. 1), могут уп равлять и ред.юаи ы ,и .пополне нием, вводимым предлогом io, и обозна чающим субъект чувства: the thing is holy /sacred/ to me.

£3 См. примеры tl.

ЕГ complete silence he unfolded the parcel. He mighl have heen about to dis play a holy relic (M. Ailingham, ‘The Tiger in the Smoke ). It seemed to him that he had intruded upon the holy of holies, and stow 1 v and carefully be moved bis head aside from the с an tact which thrilled him like an electric shock and at which she had not heen aware (J. Lon don. 'Martin Eden.'). His lover's imagina tion bad made her holy, too holy, too spiritualized, Lo have any kinship with him in the flesh (J. London, ‘Martin Eden').

But the infant was as sacred as ял Indian cow—nnd nut more intelligent (A. Bennett, ‘The Wind'). ..the gasping sobs of one crying into her pillow. Fleur stood as it turned to stone. Л noise she had not heard since she herself had made it nearly lour years ago) It turned her sick with the force ol memory—a horrible, hut 8 sacred bound (J. Galsworthy, 'End ol the Chapter’). Ол the other band, it was Madge who fed him; also it was slid, who ruled the kitchen, and it was by her favor, and her favor alone, tlial he was permitted to come within that sacred pre cinct (J. London, 'firouui Wolf ). 1 never pretended to have the taste and Knowledge that you have, but you know that your wishes will always be sacred to me (Th. Dreiser, ‘The Stoic'). Love anti fame will pass me bv, and 1 shall never know the sacred, awful joy of holding a liny, warm body in my grateful arms (D. Par ker, ‘The Garter'). ‘Vincent,1 he said, *1 know how you feel. Stunned. It's tremendous, isn’t it? We're throwing overboard nearly evervihing that paint ing has held sacred’ (J. Stone, 'Ltisi far Life1). I had vowed lo devote my life to tlie sacred object of vindicating my husband's innocence (W. Collins, ‘The Law and the Lady'). I thought angrily: if her house must riot be defiled, why should my house be any less sacred? (Gr. Greene. ‘The Comedians').

..the female of his kind, who, out of the primordial ferment, creeping and crawlin'! up the vast ladder o[ life for a thousand thousand centuries, had emerged on the topmost rung. having become one, Kuth, pure, and fair, and divine, and with power to make him know love, and to aspire toward purity, and to desire to Lasts divinity—(J. London, ‘Martin Eden’). His mind went back to that wonderful time of his life sixteen years before this, when Angc'le was aiive, when they two were involved in the sweet in* tricacies of a love so fine, so pure, so marvellous that il seemed lo them a mir acle, a manifestation, a thing veritably divine, pul into the life of them and hearts of them by God Himself