Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 187


joyful, tender, •valorous (J. Joyce, 'Dublin ers’ ). Philip was horn а generation after this great book was published and much that horrified its contemporaries had passed into the feeling of the time, so that lie was able to accept it with a joyful liesrI (W. S. Maugham, 'Of Human. Bondage'). Adnitt walked to the front of the class find put his money on the desk, 1 was cherishing mv note under the lid of the desk; my heart thudded with Joyful excitement (C. P. Snow, ‘Time of Hope'),

'Sugar? Milk? Cream?' The iittle homely questions seemed to suggest a joyous intimacy (K- Mansfield, ‘The Tiredness of Rosabel'). He paused to assist a woman to disentangle his long legs from her steel gocart, flashed a joyous smile at her, and pressed on happily (M. Allingham, ‘The Tiger in ihe Smoke'). But just then the dog, squirming and rubbing against tht: newcomer’s kgs, opened his mouth and barked, И was ал c.x plosive bark, brief and joyous, but a bark (J. London, ‘Вгош Wolf').

‘She used to tell us stories about you’. Dr. Temple said in the happy, nostalgic manner of a boy who is fond of his mother (F. C. Ration, 'Good Morning, Miss Dove'). In this happy frame of mind he resumed his ordinary life and when he encountered his former idol, met her with a heartiness and unconcern which the lady regarded with secret disapproval (W. W'. Jacobs. 'A Safety Match). She broke out into a peal of laughter and glanced at her husband, whose admiring and happy eyes had been wandering from her dress to her face anti hair (J. Joyce. 'Dubliners'). ‘Look!’ said my mother suddenly, with a genuine, happy laugh (C. P. Snow,

4Time of Hope ). Except for my child hood. which was exquisitely happy and serene. \ have not had a pleasant life (M. Wilson, ‘Live with Lightning').

Suicidal thoughts .. could not enter Lhe cheerful, sanguine, courageous scheme of life, which was in part natural to her and in part slowly built up (II. FAlii — VP.). She had large cheerful eyes and a pretty expression (J. Stone. 'Lust for Life'). Ailcen, now in a most cheerful mood, walked briskly beside him,. (Th. Dreiser. "The Stoic'). The doctor took off his bat, and she gave him a' Good morn ing doe.’ in a loud, cheerful vwe (IF. S. Maugham, 'Rain'). ‘Quite al! right,sure you’, he said it glassily, his voice pleasant, cheerful almost, quite courteous (W. Faulkner, ‘Tttrn abouI').

She shrugged and turned to face him. Her teeth flashed in a broad, happy light-hearted grin (P. Abraltams, ‘The Pofh of Thunder’).

GLIMPSE, PEEP ‘то, как (объект представляется беглому взгляду’ вид, картнна,

[3] Glimpse обозначает быстро про мелькну шуга картину, воспринятую в момент перемещения с у б ъ е к - т а и.ти объекта или в момент появления преграды в поле зрения субъекта алн открывшуюся на короткое время а результате устра нения преграды в поле зрения субъекта: to have /to obtain/ a glimpse of smth. заметить что-л.; at the first glimpse of the house как только стал виден дом; 'At the first glimpse of every steam-launch that came in view, they insisted mi landing and sitting down on the bank unii] it was oui of sight again’ (J. K- Jerome) «При каждом появлении катера они настаивали на том, чтобы ыыездитьеи и переждать на берегу до тех пор. пока он не скроется из виду»; from this point you will gel the last glimpse of the sea отсюда bn в последний раз уиндите море; I caught a glimpse of the letter as he was folding it, hut cannot be sure that it was addressed to the general я увидел письмо в тот мо мент, когда он его складывал, но я не уверен, что оно было адресовано гене ралу; ‘Tt was the finest thing yet that he liad seen in this small glimpse of that world' (J. London} «Из всего, что ему удалось увидеть в этом мире, эго было самое прекрасное»; 'She caught a glimpse of Erik and Edna disappearing into the crowed on their way to what was probably the bar’ (M. Wilson) Юна мельком заметила в толпе Эдну и Эрнка, направ лявшихся, по-видимому, в бар».

Peep обозначает картину объекта, воспри нимаемую субъектом из у к р ы т и я. поскольку он не хочет обнаруживать себя, или через преграду:    we

got a peep of the house Lhrough the trees мы кое-как рассмотрели дом сквозь дереьья; 'You’ve only seen a peep through the с Lir I a i п' (И ■ B. Stowe) -'Вы могли разглядеть сквозь щелку в шторах очень немногое».

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