Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 181


[around ihe preacher!; to (father /lo col lect, to assemble, io congregate./ i n .small groups; (a gather /to collect, io assemble, to congregate/ for I to listen to) the sermon.

[Q] Все синонимы сочетаются с назва нием живого существа в ка честве субъекта и объекта действия (примеры см. |1); gather сочетается с любыми существа ильными, обозначаю щими способные к передвижению объ екты:    the clouds are gathering, it

will rain собираются тучи, будет дождь.

[Й] From far and near the people gath ered, ant! thronged ihe great galleries t>[ the arena; and crowds unable- to gain admit tance, massed themselves against its out side walls (P. R. Stock ion, 'The Lady, or the Tiger?'). Out on the spacious Km- bankment behind the Savoy the strikers were already gathered in tireir contin gents, with a fringe oi onlookers (J. Lind say, 'Betrayed Spring'). After an excellent voyage the Hotspur landed us at Sydney, where Evans and I changed our names and made our way to the diggings, where, among the crowds who were gathered from all nations, we had no difficulty in losing our former identities (Conan Doyte. 'The “Gloria Scott"'). With the popular instinct for experiencing emo tion at second hand a little crowd of Hilary’s parishioners had gathered out side, and a squeaky cheer rose from them as Jean a/;d H iibort got in to the brown roadster, and drove away (J. ОокшогИ-и, ‘End of the Chapter’). That was our name, then and always, for the young men and women who gathered round George and whose leader he became (C. P. Snaai. ‘Titneof Hope'). I remember how on the ranch in in у you lh the turkeys gathered and roosted in clots in the cypress trees, out of reach uf wildcats and coyules (J. Steinbeck. 'Travels with Charley in Search of America’),

They passed out through the gales of the park with, straggling in the rear, a second gang, ihe friends, that Lizzie's young man had collected to avenge the loss of his lady (J. London, ‘Martin Eden'). Amidst tiie scrambling concussions

ol (his wild encounter, Wilfrid was con scious of a little crowd collecting—they had become a streel show! (J. Galsworthy. ‘End of the Chapter’). Going back to my lodgings under the misty autumn moon,

I w-ondered about the group ihat Passant was collecting round him (C. P.

5пош, ‘Time of Hope'). To hang about и stable, and collect a gang of lhe most dis reputable dogs lo be found in Die town, and lead them out to march round the shuns to fight other disreputable dogs, is Montmorency's idea ol ‘life’ (J, К■ Je rome, ‘Three Men in a Boat').

For that reason, it is necessary that we know just where we are to guard against possible sabotage, just where the danger points are, just where materials and men arc being assembled (H. Machines, ‘Assign ment in Brittany'). When I first knew him, the crisis of iiis life was years ahead, and he was assembling llie ‘group’ round him, heartening and melting everyone within it, so hrimful of hope for each one of us that no one could stay cold (C. P. Snoa), 'Time of Hope’). Л bell summoned him to dinner at one o’clock, and lie found Frau Professor’s guesls assembled in the drawing-room f VP'. S. Maugham, ‘Of Human Bondage ). On Tuesday there was a large party assembled at Lung bourn (j. Austen, ‘Pride and Prejiulice’). And in the afternoon of that day tlie women hauled in the meat of the bear while ihe men sat in council assembled (J. Lon don, 'The Story nf Kee^h'), When he ar rived, she was out with the shepherd, who had assembled the sheep and lambs for her inspection (Tit. Dreiser, 'The Stoic’).

As i crossed the railway platform, and looked right and ieli among the people congregated on it, to search for any faces among I hem that 1 knew, the doubt oc curred to me.. (W. Collins, 'The Woman in White'). And he read of salons in great cities, even in the United Slates, where art and intellect congregated (./. London, ‘Marti/t Eden ). He had walked a zigzag trail through the parties of beer drinkers over Lo the corner and stood on the out skirts of the little crowd that always congregates around a guitar player (J, Jor.es, ‘From Here io Eternity ). In the same way your cats are all congregating round my friend who frankly does not care for cats. They will pay no attention, to me in spite of all my blandishments (A. Christie. ' The Clocks').

GATHERING I, ASSEMBLAGE, офиц. ASSEMBLY ‘встреча людей с опреде ленной цел wo' собрание, форум, соес- тянпе, сбор; ш; греча; сборище,

r3l Gathering — наиболее общее по" значению с лоно — обозначает лю бое собрание люден, начиная от тор-


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