Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 174


dread/; lo stare at smb. in alarm; to r.lnp in dismay; to watch smb. in conster nation; to fly in panic /in terror/; to lie hi horror; to look round in trepidation,

l ii' синонимы, ко consternation, panic и i reputation реже других, употребляют-

I ;i is конструкции с предшествующим предлогои wiih. обозначая причину некоего состояния:    wild with fear;

tit.nl with dread /with fright/; bewildered wiih alarm; sick with dismay /with horror/; frozen with terror,

i л 1ЮШШЫ dismay, consternation и horror 4,1 \‘to у штребля клея а -конструкции

i предшествующим пред/югом to, и ко- n>poit они обозначают страх кик р е •

I у л ii т а т каких-то событий: to his ilisitiay /consternation, horror/ tlie light

Lilt out.

[.иищшмы fear, dread, terror и horror

>и|'авляют предложным до и о л и е п м е м of smth., обозначаю щим причину состояния: to live in Irar of his neigh hours; fear of insults /ol heing insulted/; lo have an awful dread of death [of being arrested]; his terror of the dark; her horror ol super il, ilnral darkness.

I.i 1 Все синонимы сочетаются с ндива- пнями существ it качестве с у б ъ - г к I а состояния к названиями и р е д - м '■ I о л, событий, действ и ii.

I ii ii ii с т э ii т. п. и качестве его г р я -

ч tt ii ы (примеры см. ?i). При этом (IKinay, в силу особенностей своего кипения (см. t). сочетается преимуще ств ио с налнанмыи л к ц; a horse is Mil ijcct to fright or terror but not lo ilKmay лошадь способна испытывать При* или ужас, но пс смятение. Кроме tin п. каждый на синонимов избирательно пни-гается с глаголами, часто образуя

I ними устойчивые слово ....... т а и и п:    to    feel fear /dread,

«Инин испытывать страх /ужас, тре- "'IV. Icar came upon him /overcame him/ ни n(iyiL:i страх; to give smb. a fright tiiinj i ;пъ кого-л.; to take alarm иску* inriit'ii: to Lie seized with alarm быть щни'н.’нпым тревоги "i; a panic seized uvri i.ime/ him его охватила паника; in lliiiiw smb. into a panic, to strike Iniur in smb. вселить ужас n кою-л.

llll Fear and mother told him not to

Кi iitvir the white wall, hut growth lih' and life needs light (J. London,

‘ И'fttfi1 1’ciiig'), Buck and Curly grew Millrd anti half wild with fear (J. Lon- фщ.'Пе Cali of the Wild').

I went with dread in niy heart and pity and indignation (!•. Morris, ‘The Octopus ),

1 he feeling he now experienced was exactly lhat pree;;arnination dread intensified a hundred fold (A. J. Cronin, ‘The Citadel').

The very thought of the world outside is enough to give rue a fright (J. Conrad, 'Lord Jim’).

Robinson Crusoe was seized with alarm when he saw the footprint on the sand (D. Defoe. ‘Robinson Crusoe’). Oliver sat huddled together, in a corner of the cart; bewildered -with alarm and appre hension (C.h. Dickens, 'Oiixr Twist'),

'He died!' exclaimed the Italian, a flash of fear and dismay goni^ over his face (D. H. Lawrence. ‘The Lust Girl'). She lifted her hands in mute dismay (ti. Eliot. 'The Milt on ihe Floss').

He felt the midwife watching him in stark consternation (A. J. Cronin, 'The Citadel'), lhe two, father and son, stared at each other in consternation, and neither knew what to do (Pearl BuckW. T. N.

I. D.). Something terrible had happened,, in consternation, Tess jumped down and discovered Lhe dreadful Iruth (Th. Hardy,

'Tess of the d' Urbervi lies').

Panic, the terrible and deadly panic was beginning to overcome her (D. H. Law* rente, ‘The. Lost Girl'}.

Vincent pursued her. Terror lent speed to his legs (I. Stone, 'Lust for Life'). And that night both slept in Miss Pin- negar's ted, out of sheer terror of the empW house (!). H. i.awrence. ‘The lj)st Girl'). The next day he did not leave the house,, sick with a wild terror of dying, and yet indifferent to life itself (0, Wilde. ‘The Pianrc of Dorian Gnuj).

He cut his sentence short and looked np at her with horror {Gr. Greene, ‘A Gun for Sale'). As he gazed at the still form a shiver of horror passed over Andrew (A. J. Cronin. ‘The Citadel'). She was too much ujjset, and she had almost a horror of seeing Cieio at that moment (D. H. Lawrence. 'The Lost Girl' ).

When she looked round in trepidation, showing red. inflamed eyes, he glared at her more angrily (A. J. Cronin, ‘Hatters Castle’h 1 take up with some trepidation the subject of programme music (I. Bab bitt—W.).

FtELINC, EMOTION, SENTIMENT. PASSION ‘чувство’ чувство, эмоция, переживание {а отличие от мысли)