Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 167


ложным дополнение м for smth. или for rioing smth.: to excuse /to forgive, to pardon/ smb. For the offence; to excuse /to forgive, to pardon/ smb. for saying so. Forgive — единственное ело- 110 ряда, способное употребляться а б ■ с о л ю т и в н о н управлять одновре менно двумя пряными до■ и о л н е и и я м и:    to forgive smb.

his success.

1(3 Синонимы excusc, torgive, pardon и condone сочетаются с названием л it - it a n качестве субъекта и назва ниями действии человека, черт его характера к т. и. а каче стве содержания прпстуттка: to cxcusc До condonc, to forgive, to par don/ bad manners Ithc offence, falsehood] извинить /простить/ и с воспитанность |ос- корбление, ложь]. При глаголах excuse и pardon содержание проступка, мо жет быть названо конкретным существительным: excuse /pardon/ the blot извините за кляксу.

Глаголы excuse, forgive, pardon прини мают в качестве субъекта проступ ки название лица (примеры см. Сочетаемость remit см.

ЦТ) Then, worried that he might think Phyl was a man’s name, she changed it to Phyllis and made a blot. So she wrote Phyl again iind under it Phyl it/s excuse the blot, please fell her I'm at a different place too (J. Lindsay, ‘Betrayed Spring'), To my mind the most interesting tiling in art is the personality of ihe artist; and if that is singular, I am willing to excuse я thousand faults (W. S, Maugham, 'The Moon and Sixpence'). But he found it hard to excuse her criticism, spoken and implied, of his own attitude towards the child (A. Dennett, 'The Wind'). Mrs. Carter appeared at the window. ‘You'll have to excuse my daughter, Lord Stane’, she said. 'She’s a very wilful girl. I have never had any control over her, nor has anyone else that 1 know of {Th. Dreiser, ‘The Stoic). But your generation, Mr. March—) know you will cxcuse me for speaking frankly — you have just been living on the esteem of your father (C. P. Snow, 'The Con science of ihe Rich'). But Mr. Upjohn tie-

I i v ercd h is obiter dicta wi th so m rich a pi pm b lhat a boy of twenty might be excused for failing to see ilieir complete absurdity {R. Aldington, 'Death of a Hem'). You are not — you will excuse my asking — in actual need ot money, Mr. Leonides?

(A. Christie. 'Crooked House'). How wrong you are. Why, even murder can sometimes be excused. We’ve all known cases, haven't we..? (Gr. Greene, ‘The Ministry of Fear’).

But now, seeing the Headmaster ac tually eating a piece of sausage and then speaking to Charlie wilh a twinkling smile, lie knew that no one present could fail to be accepted as a member of Ihe community of school, all his past faults forgiven, his intellectual and sporting attainments irrelevant (R. Ful ler, ‘The Ruined Boys'). Philip had his code of integrity. It was a worldly code, but a strict one. Me did not forgive an offence against it (C, P. Snow, ‘The Conscience of the Rick'). He never could forgive the way his father had been mal formed — ihe sordid lies and the petty thefts he had been compelled to, in or der to pul food in his children’s mouths (J. London. ‘The Iron Heel'), But Marlin forgave him the sneer, for lie had begun to discover lhat Olney was not in love with Ruth (J. London, ‘Martin Eden’). His fellows forgave him his success be cause of his deformity (W, S. Maugham, "Of Human Bondage').