Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 164


«iiiilHiized/ the photograph он раеемат- Iiiiim.'i /поучал/фотографию; they scanned

il.....dge "of the forest они пристально

hi .■шдгшалм опушку леса. Все синонимы, пи scan роже других, сочетаются г няч- 1»ш1чм с у ш, с с т ь а и качество ойъ- г к 1 л: they examined /inspected, scru tinized/ ihe stranger они разглядывали

■ hi .шдипалн, рассматривали/ незнаком- tin, in examine /tu inspect, lo scrutinize/ Hu ]iinl рассматривать птичку, llll Maxwell drifted away and l!rik llll ik'd to examine the other guests (tl. Wilson, 'Live with Lightning"). The inn I у surreptitiously examined Sophia nimi lime lo time (A. Bennett, ‘The Old Tale"). He examined every tiling iiIioii her with great care, but again it #ii‘. Iiit face which held him (M. Wilson, '(in' ui(h Lightning'}. Critical ly lo Muniiiie newcomers was one of lhe aniiisc- ItiniK of the occupants of the lounge f/I liennett, 'The Old Wfira’ Tale). vilnlc talking he kept examining her Irrcm lhe bron/e-col owed shoe? |r llie waved gold of her hair (J. fials- m»< In г 1 The Man of Property'). And yuii'if liad this stool examined lor finger In Ini*.? (G. Gordon. 'Lei the Day Perish ).

(llii1 ashtray) was passed round to the j III Yiiicii who examined the cigarette (tliil'. ritiBelv-- (G, Gordon, ‘Let ihe Day fVWi ). lie went into a pawn-shop.. *Hil (mi the camera down, The man behind Du ''Hinder .. examined it carefully (D. f'tiiHH't-. 'Stit/ No to Death'). ‘Is lhnl ii|i|ii 1.мч1 to be you?' asked Anthony as if I'liii'i'iJ in his undressing lo examine *    sketch hanging on the wall (G.

iftiiilmi, ‘Let the Day Perish'). Soames IMIidut'd a branch on which no grapes IM'ir |'hliving (J. Galsworthy. ‘To Let'). *1 и111 ,i terrible book-worm,' said the lbi'i l"i; and my first act when 1 got li-ic v,,r. io examine lhe library (E. L. 't'M'iip/i 'The Gadfly").

11и-1r (Liю policemen's} eyes darted

III ii <ii I nervously, inspecting faces. II N't mi'll to me tliat they inspected me Sienitiftff, 'Travel:r with Charley in WinJi i'/ America'). ..the inmates of tlie iiiiild observe all that was going *«i Hi 11 if 4treet, ot inspect whoever might. И- Кiiiii'Ktii^ at the door.. (M. Dodge, Ы si l<yr Shales'). She paused, quite MfHilv Inspecting him, weighing him up M J t.'го;mi, ‘The Citadel’). „from iiiitf-b limliiiig perplexedly at the apple ilti- liciuun to inspect it closely,. (.4. J.

Cron in, ‘Mailer's Castle’’), Mamma took the telegram into her hand as though she touched a poisonous viper and, turning it over fearfully, inspected it with the profound horror, with which she might have viewed this dangerous reptile (A. J. Cronin, 1flatter's Castle.'). The sailor took the cage from him and all the persons of authority gathered round lo inspect the wonderful hints.. (A. Henneti, ‘The Old №7да’ Tale ). l:irst he inspected his traps on Four Lakes, clearing a beaver and a musk rat (J. Aldridge, 'The Hunt er'). She .. walked up one street and down another inspecting some seventy-odd vacancies until she found a place she thought IZrik should see (/Vi. Wilson. ‘Live with Lightning). ..and my compan ions halted hall-an-hour to inspect the park (E. Brunts, ‘ Walker ing Heights').

..Soamcs scrutinized his visitor. The young man’s mouth was excessively large and curly — he seemed always grinning (J. Galsworthy, ‘To Let'). With her small brown eyes she scrutinized him (G. Gordon. 'Let the Day Perish'). ‘Scarcely visible.’ he said, scrutinizing ihe preparation (H. G. \Veils, ‘The Stolen Bacillus').

As she sat on the boat she found her self scanning the faces of the passengers (F. Norris. 'The Octopus’). Anthony scanned their {the jurymen’s) faces (G. Gordon, ‘Lei the Day Perish'). And so, eagerly, she began to scan herself in 1he mirror.. (Th, Dreiser, 'The Stoic lie turned his eyes to ihe grass and scanned it searchingly (P. Abrahams,

' Wild Conqiml').

2. ‘Обращая внимание на детали, пытать ся понять или оценить’ изучать, иссле довать. рассматривать, обдумывать.

03 Между синонимами сохраняются смыслоиыс различия, отмеченные в чпз- ченнн 1: to examine official documents научить официальные документы; to examine a new theory [a plan, a pro posal] рассмотреть новую теорию [план, предложение]; ‘..Mr. Dersingham exam ined his notes again, and looked very severe’ (J. В. Priestley) «Мистер Дерснн- гам снова углубился в свои заметки, н лицу его приняло строгое выражением; ‘It is but a short time that 1 have had the happiness of knowing you; hut in that short time 1 have examined you well, and seen you thoroughly’ (№. Godwin) «Я имел счастье инать Вас только с недавнего времени, но и за этот короткий период

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