Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 162


mIiiis wore out as plain as on a frosty night In high latitudes’ (J. Conrad) «Звечды nni,'in ярко, как в морозную ночь на »1.ц'(|]<их широтах*.

||\‘| Все слова могут употребляться ш-цйвутиако (примеры см. и н ]и' д и к а т и в и о; в последнем слу- *|щ‘ иге они способны управлять п р с д - ,'i ii * ti ы м д о п о ,1 ii е и и с м to smb., нГпшшчагощим субъект восприятии, It н р н д а т о ч и и м дополни ) г .1 h н ы м предложенном, обо* итчлюишм содержание восприя- inti il was evident /obvious, manifest, imli-nt, apparent, palpable, plain, clear/ In (Л'.гуопе; it was manifest that..; it viir, evident /obvious, manifest, patent, (pp.Hcnf, palpable, plain, clear/ that be liii'itdl to go for good.

(‘Ini г может употребляться в качестве Предикатива: I am not quite clear on this (mini.

jt'l См. примеры ft.

|jl[ I strolled to the window, wondering Nl licr evident desire lo justify her presence In I hr room (A. Christie, 'The Murder uj !■.'<’per Ackroyd’), She paused, she raised Iii4 Ii.ilid to her lliroat ill evident agitation |f >. Carter. '’Tomorrow is with Us'). ..such H'iy superior dancing is not often seen,

11 i1 evident that you belong to the first fillli-s (J. Austen, 'Pride and Prejudice'),

..ivlien at the end of the week Chirac •ни obliged ■■ to face Sophia in order to |mv his bill, he had a most grievous tuiHission. It was obvious that he eon- «(ili i'd himself a criminal without any tlflrii' V lo offer for bis crime (A. Bennett,

‘ tin- OIJ Wives’ Tale'). Me received it {the »п>лчт} with obvious satisfaction (C. P. iVhicl'. ' Time of Hope'). ..this obvious ab- lt<ii>r nl passion in his sentiments towards Ih't f t'h. Ilronie,' Jane Eyre.'), {the ncweom- м ) i in ш-il suddenly from the sidewalk and ilnn il uith obvious and peculiar interest *1 I hi* house before which he was standing ff Siui‘I Fitzgerald, ‘Two for a Cent').

1n> ua> listening., to the plaint of a |iin |.i r discovered with five copies of I nppi-г Coin’ in his overcoat pocket, НИ it llu1 loo obvious desire of converting IjtMii tn his own use (J. Galsworthy, 'Th? (rfK/'1 M/infret’/').

I miaider that I didn’t see the resem- ||1чкп-nf your name lo d'Urberville, and it и‘ i llie manifest corruption (Th. Hri>,t». 'Tess of ihe d'Urbe n't lies'). It was Ht»iillrt.l Ib.u Lhe htrong current of feeling in favour of Miss Travers had begun to ebb (F. Harris, 'Oscar Wilde"),

'I see,’ I said ralher amused by this patent snobbery., (A. Christie. 'The Murder nf Roger Ackrmjd'). It was patent to us what had happened (J. London, 'The /гоп fleet').

But in their room at the Museum the comic side became apparent (A. J. Cro~ nin. 'The Citadel'). IIow (his performance could affect the decision of grave burgesses at the polls was not apparent (A. Bennett,

1The Old Wives' Tale') llis Interest was immediately apparent to .1 arkins (Th. Dreiser, ‘The Stoic’). It was only as I approached Seattle that the unbeliev able change became apparent (J. Stein beck. 'Travels with Charley in Search of Amcrica'). He had always been a happy, contented man .. why, without apparent reason, had lie changed to this? (A. J. Croninj ‘The Citadel').

..the ardour of his affection being so palpable that she seemed to flinch under it like a plant in loo burning a sun (Th. Hardy, ‘Tess of the d'Ur families'). But whatever the motive may have been, the effecl was palpable: his name was continually in men’s mouths (F. Harris, ‘Oscar Wilde'). Once in a while he {the dog) tries to bluff, but it isa palpable lie (J. Steinbeck, ‘Travels with Charley in Search nf Atnerica').

She flushed, arid then in answer to the plain inquiry of Mr, Satterwaite’s glance she went on.. (A. Christ к’, 'The Murder of Roger Ackroyd’), I7irst of all

I must make it plain that it is not my story and that I knew none of the per sons with whom it is concerned (W. S. Maughtim. ‘The Kile').

..just what had been done the day before was clear now in the mtnds of all (F. Norris, ‘The Ortopus'). ..it was quite clear that no sensible woman took any interest ill him (J. ti. Priestley, ‘Angel Pavement'). It is manifest to me that hy his letter of may 20 he assented to a very clear proposition (J. Galmvorthy, ‘The. Man of Property’). ..it was clear what W'ould happen to him if these hard ships went on for long (J. Hi lion, ‘Lost Horizon’). It was clear to all thinking people that the third day would bring on the crisis (W. Morris, 'Selections from W. Morris'). She was not clear about it.. (F,. M. Forster, ‘Howards End').

EXAMINE, INSPECT, SCRUTINIZE, SCAN I. 'обращая внимание нз детали,