Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 144

I Nl MV    ENEMY    E

rtttw и и ivf ж о (Paul’s enemy /foe'}, к 11 к i il ж ii г i? л ь к о r о место- к iM и ii ii ii (liis [our| enemy /foe/) и piju-ii iip,iiiiu ||М1Ч1нпй группы of smb. (the twiMV *>[ hrance), tl in i> 11 и ik ofii. екта вражды (того. NMrfi ii чi чпш хотят уничтожить, кому

U4H 4i-yii хотят причинить ищерй) при- HWlHiiniTfit к оГюпм синонимам в форме iti> nili. |,smth,|; при этом be чаще, Ц|1М гшшу. управляет предлогом to: lit lie jii и no my of /to/ Fren.-h influence, In In- л fi.w to /of/ French influence.

■    1 v fi ье к т о м вражды в обоих

i i \ может быть живое суще- I | пн (человек и ли животное) или | (1 у tl и а л и ц (организация, страна н hi, п.}, а объектом вражды — ИР tiwi.no живое существо или I |> у п п а ли ц, но и я в л с и и е Win ппиечешшй п р и и и и п: be was цн пичну /а foe/ lo all people of good •■ilI mi йы.п врагам людей доброй воли; н ЦЯ1.П1 enemy /foe/ of reformers залля- lud uprir сторонников реформ; ail enemy Ii Inc/ nf progress |of freedom! враг про гнет [ с иободы I.

j[|| SIie was completely bewildered by wiinl happened to their marriage. First llii'V wre lovers; and then, it seemed л II in и it transition, they were enemies (/». Porker, 'Big Blornk'). She tossed . 11 ii 1111 Hie bed, calling out names, some of j m i i had never heard, but among lliniii i-everal times that ol Mr. March; •tin i !illed out his name in frlghl, she was Ityinu 1o get away from ail епегпу (C. P.

‘The Conscience of the Rich'), You iid' Uil' second son of Lord Mull yon; ten luid too much war; you write poetry; ни have nomadic instincts and are ynin own enemy; the last item has the univ news value (J. Galsamrihy, 'End of fhi Chapter'). And I made plenty of ene- щ||'ч in business (J. O'Hara. 'The Big

Iwwh’). Ho Iried to remember anything IiiIIkt of the man, who was now taking llll the hue of one of his sworn enemies, lili> umlcrground in the Union lhat’d try In ilislodge him in two years' time I I. Lindsay, 'Betrayed Spring’). ‘He was

I hi* iinly doctor in town’, I thought, 'with lln1 murage to attend even a stone-dead (нешу of (he Baron’ (Gr. Greene, ‘The lvMt',!iiiiis'). Believe me, Mr. Morse, you •if hr ntarer Socialism than 1 who am )U avowed enemy (J. London, 'Martin tilvn'). One evening after dinner—I will (ini jjui ticulame the date; it suffices to say that it was nt Uie time when 'Peace by negotiation' was the parrot-cry of England's enemies—my friend and I were sitting in his rro.ns (A. Christie, ‘The Kidnapped Primp Minister). I don’t go near [arms now, until I see what the peo ple are like. It’s difficult to tell nowadays who's a friend or an enemy (H. Mac hines, ‘Assignment in Brittany'). ..hedge hogs and squirrels and rabbits, and their enemies the weasels (P, Aldington, ‘Death of a Hero'). He violently haled caviar. Every sturgeon in the Blacl; Sea was his persona) enemy (А.