Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 128




м '.Ч11Ш1Л Слова distant, far и .■ил Липкое к рассмотренному ’(и-ущиетиляемый на большое ц ’: a distant /а far/ journey путешествие; remote control >«< ■ vi среде пш дистанционного управ-

-I •«!<

и (редко я только а форме паре- ■ti ■> hi г могут значить ‘находящийся I !■ и'ппом расстоянии’ (неважно,

■ им и маленьком): six inches

ifil liiitn (lie eyes на расстоянии шести |№t cit глаз; 4..making tlie light 11*1' *'lty seem distant but a mile or so1 lltiittij) «..и казалось, что свет этот ti;t ходя тс я на расстоянии исего *<| v Н.1 и»; how Far is it from here? •ii .in это отсюда?

lltг синонимы, ма исключением ге- употребляются а тр и 6 у т и в н о: in a distant Ha a far, in a far- tu ii far-off, in a remote/ country, i niinimvM, _ia исключением far, упот- ч ii p e д и к а т и в u o, no dis- n f.ir-off реже, чем другие: it’s Hllii'i distant, the noise was so far-off. Il|'li    11 им remote часто, a    removed

и i *■ i а а управляет предложным

...............................from smth., ofioanaчающим

fi"|i'hi губъек т: the place is said In I-и remote /removed/ from    the town.

Ii'] lii i' синонимы сочетаются    с сущест-

.............. обозначающими    п р о д ■

и....... 1 л е м с н т ы л а и д ш а ф т а,

4 1 I < . (примеры CM, TjJ.

(tin    кроме far vi removed, со

чи ним с ч с существительными, обей па- ЦП* >11111 МИ процессы (идущие кз- itii 1глп .туки, свет, и т.п.): a distant iH liir-nff, a far-away, a remote/ whistle **.na.iiii синст.

llll I lu'n the entire deluge which bore

С Hi ivi I !i il smashed on the beach with a >iii I ■ Kicking roar, and a glitter so intense lli»i 11 ci>uld have been seen on distant и1жи'1‘ (Д1. Wilson, Live with Lightning ). |tnl in her new home, in a distanl un- 1\цпчц cuuntry, it would not be like that fil Juu/'f, ‘Dubliners'). Brusquely, all III» iilliiiiion seemed riveted upon this iIMahI I'i^ure (F. Norris, ‘The Octopus'). Hi' >.11 «иI tip with brandished flsLs and иlli«ili Ilit-m at the distant prison, quiver- it4> \iilli ihe rage o[ five years of silcnee П1 ii.i/if. 'Free'). The tent was lit tip l‘i ■! faring flash of lightning, then a iil^mit rumble of thunder gradually

I........ louder, and crashed in a crcscendo

(F. Flnfdtf, ‘ТЫ Man from Clinkapel- la).

Like silver, lie thought to himself, like tinkling silver bells; and on the in stant, and for an instant, he was trans ported to a far land, where under pink cherry blossoms, he smoked a cigarette and listened lo the belts ot the peaked pagoda calling straw-sandalled devotees to worship (J. London, ‘Martin Eden ). lie was seeing his own life finally ‘In lhe blue’, tnimiiored, careering like Flying Dutchman on far waters to the f&T ends ol the world (J. Galsworthy, 'End of ihe Cka.pler'). Ihe heavies were firing with regular rieiibcratlnn: overhead the white shrapnel bursts pursued an enemy plane; from lhe far distance came a wry faint ‘elaaang’ as a shell smashed into M ■— (R. Aldington, 'Death of a Hero'). lie was standing at lhe far corner uf the living -room (J. Brains, 'Room ut ihe Top').

But why should a knowledge of far-off countries make a man’s life a different thing, finer, higgw? fD. H. Ltiwmire, 1 The Rawftnio’J. l ie had long since ceased to be known as tlie New York theatre actor; in far-off places there were men and women who had scan Hubert Ward on screens to whom the name New York meant nothing whatever (J. O'Hara, ‘The Big Laugh'). Alone in the wrhite curling mist, the far-off thunder of drum-tire beating the air, Wintcrbourne slood in frozen silence and tori tempi a tod the last achievements of civilised men (R- AWiaaimi, ‘Пеи(й of и Hero').

Cape Town was so far away. Things could not reach here from Cape Town (P. Abrahams. ‘Wild Conquest'). At first it was far away and no one could tell what the noise was (E. Hemingway, ‘Green Hills of Africa').

He thought of Baskul, Peking, .Macao and lhe other places — he hud moved about pretty often. Remotest of all was Oxford... (J. Hilton, ‘Lost Horizon'). ..there was something put helical] у cou rageous in the formation uf a committee for the preservation of France in this remote Breton village (II. Mac!t:ties, 'Assignment in Britiatu/7). I don’t see your Duvalierville being exactly a centre of progress. It’s too remote (Gr. Greene, 'The Comedians'). It dawned upon Andrew, with a pang of dismay, that his having been in practice in this remote Welsh mining town condemned him (A, J, Cronin, ‘The Citadel'). ., and

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