Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 121


delights In her он восхищается /востор гается/ ею; his eyes delighted in the lines of her dress липни ее платья восхищали /радовали/ его глаз; she rejoiced at the chance она радовалась этой возможно сти; '..something deep in him rejoiced’ (J. Lindiiii/) i,,где-то в глубине его душ» трепетала радость»; ‘She did not sound as if she were rejoicing' (H. Machines) лОна сказала эго. но б ее гаже не слы шалось радости*.

1Щ Не delivered me because he delight ed in me (Th. Dreiser. 'An American Tragedy). His eyes delighted in the graceful lines of it. She and her dress to gether reminded him of women on ihe stage (J. London, ‘Martin Eden'). Femi nine sympathy was new to him, and he delighted in someone who gave a willing ear lo all his troubles (W. S. Maugham. 'Of Human Bondage ). He had a mind that delighted in dialectics (W. S. Maughum, ‘Of Human Bondage'). They delight to lay a corpse in a marriage bed. and to strike down a great nation in the fullest flush of its pride and power (Si. Alding ton, ‘Death of a Hero').

She had the feeling that her mother and lie would rather be le£t alone to re joice, and slipped upstairs to Clare’s room (J. Gaisworihff. ‘End of the Chapter'), ‘They’ll escape’, said the woman. She didn’t sound as if she were rejoicing (H. Machines, ‘Assignment in Brittany ). Small hits of coal got behind his knee- -pads and scraped his knees. But he went on, and something deep in him rejoiced (,/. Lindsay. 'Betrayed Spring'). She must rejoice at this chance of being free —■ after seventeen years ui death in life! (J. Galsworthy, 'lit Скапеегу'), He carried himself with the same self-important air, took his new state wilh easy famil iarity, and rejoiced in Carrie’s procliv ities and successes (Til■ Dreiser, 'Sister Carrie'). When Elizabeth had rejoiced over Wickham’s departure, she found little other cause for satisfaction in the loss o( the regiment (J. A listen, ‘Pride, and Prejudice'). She was only rejoiced that SLephen was proving to Maggie how clever he was (G. Eliot, 'The Mill on the Tims'). Os ar was surrounded by friends congratulating him and rejoicing (P. Harris. ‘Omar IP title'). ..and there’s little in winter I haven't the hear I to re joice in (A. Coppard, 'The Paar Man'). When Andrew wrote to him, Challis im mediately replied stating, with verbosity, that he would rejoice to use his Inlluertei

wilh the Department of Pathology (A. J. Cronin, ‘The Citadel').

DEPRESS, WEIGH DOWN, OP* PRESS ' вызывать пониженный тонус и мрачное состояние духа’ угнетать, по давлять. тяготить, удручать, приводив в уныние.

[3' Depress обозначает угнетенное со. стояние, вызываемое действием физи ческих или умственных фак торов на эмоциональную или интеллек туальную системы человека, на orft it с и х и к у. При этом пониженный то нус, тяжелые мысли или мрачное состо яние духа, возникающие п результате этого в oi действия, могут носить устой чивый характер, граничащий с заболе ванием (ср. депрессия); the rainy season always depresses me дождливое время года всегда угнетающе действует на меня; she was depressed by the bad news from home она была удручена /подавлена/ вестями из дома; this house depressed her дом ее у