Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 104


Ifil I hi' tmllniiry life oE his fellows, gam- lilitfU 11111 < i I у mi the Exchange.. (\V, S. iHiJKjj/pitui, 'Пи1 ,i'[oon and Sixpentt ). 1 *,ml urilltwiry justice and [air treatment Jf    'Thi’ Octopus').

Willi ii popular instinct for experienc- 11Ш I’llinliiHi at second-hand и little* crowd ill I lil.iry's parishioners had gathered ntijnlilr (./. (iuhworthy. 'End of tiw Chop- h-t J, We «lid how strange; it was that .. ilw "hi>111<1 ho a popular notion that I iKMiiiiu» hadn’t any sense of humour I ^ A. J irome, 'Three Men in а в oat'). Ai Inr (nii rit*. her understanding of the MilнмI '.i^nificatico of money was the Mipulnr understanding (Th. Dreiier, ‘Sinter

i.uirir | The most popular local stone, Ц uii4‘Ii i:i anile, was chosen (Th. Dreiser, '/'III* I truim'ier ).

Ai I'mdiitff to tlie vulgar notions of Инцци, cold is considered as absolutely inti'i'i ui|j hi bodies, in the same manner ih licid {Hutton, Philos. — О. П. D.). in «Imi, 11n-re was a warm, sensuous, vulgar |l(i> lln\\l4,iii{' in the upper stories and a cold hlriiir working in the basement (J. B. fau-'th it. 'Angel Pavement'). My dear Bas-

(II .......ly you don't think it was a vulgar

KMldiiii? Of course she killed herself

Ilf, tl itdr. ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray').

lii wi-iv reluctant to expose those silent

IInl l<i ;i1111f uI places to vulgar curiosity f II Л' Calker — Ilf.). This is a truth of Villen knowledge and observation (J S^tt-O. F..D.).

lb' paid her (he familiar respect which N hidv oi fallen for tunes enjoys as щ l*i"l111 iгщ!у sad souvenir.. (G. Meredith. '')%■ fpui'J ).

IOMMON II, ORDINARY 'ничем не Ml.ir muhhhhcsi среди других людей’ urti.i'nii.iii, обыкновенный, рядовой, про- I full, lay рядный, такоК, каких много [к '(!' ruiriWj или его способностях).

(J| Mr жду синонимами сохраняются iuoi 1чгыс различия, отмоченные и ряду мшннон 1: common people простые люди; н Мишкин worker простой рабочий; the Munition man in every country is anxious (hi \un Ш peace простые люди всех стран ikiliii n I ч11r]>;i; a man of no common /or- lllliiii'v ,iliИ ties незаурядный человек; til» lii'lnii^ed lo the more ordinary type of IIihiiI I ink i ng girls она принадлежала к M*n imji распространенному типу хоро- 11Н'Ц|.М1л деиушск; lie was a very ordinary |1шщ; U IIdw он был самый обыкновенный

ицрчдип»/ молодой человек; '..in his ill им mid speech he seemed no different from an ordinary working man’ (A..!.Cro nin) «..костюмом и речью он ничуть не отличался от обыкновенного рабочего^; an ordinary kind of person непримеча тельная личность.

Примечание. Common имеет близкое к рассмотренному значение ‘некультур ный, п еотеса i п! ы й, г р убов ат ый ’. ‘ I don t think she’s very suitably dressed..” said Mrs, Macphail "She looks extremely com mon to me” ’ (W. S. Maugham) «„При знаться, я не сказала бы, что ее костюм вполне уместен'1, — заметила миссис Мэк- фейл. ,,Она мне кажется очень вульгар ной"».

См. примеры П.

UJJ And л common architect was по good — the memory of Parker's tower precluded the employment of a common architect (J. Galsworthy, 'The Matt of Property'). For common men and women Iwo or three of the common loves will suffice—the Jove of family and home, of school and church, of mountain and sea (C. W. С dot — W.). ..she said that di rectly she set eyes on Tess she divined that she was to be the chosen one of some body who was no common outdoor man (Th. Hardy, 'Tess of the rf'U rbecvilles'). A common child, there would be nothing in it (Ch. Dickens, ‘Dotnlwu and Son'). ..he assaulted me .. with political history, how the common man had won his po litical freedom.. (С. P. Snow, 'Time of Hope').

He's not just an ordinary clerk, father. He’s well thought of by the firm (A. J, Cro nin, 'Hatter’s Castle'). I've several times heard her criticize her own comrades for .. meeting only their own kind and forget ting how to talk to ordinary people (J. Lindsay. 'Betrayed Spring'). Neverthe less she was flattered, and the thought shaped itself lhat really Sophia was no ordinary girt (A. Bennett, ‘The Old Wives' Tale). Il's not as if we were—ohi well—ordinary people. After all you’re a doctor’s wife and I’m—I’m a doctor (A. J. Cronin, 'The. Citadel’). I’m just one of these bloody ordinary medical aid assistants (A. J, Cronin, ‘The Citadel'). He could never buttonhole the ordinary voter, and say to him; ‘Look here, you know, there’s is no earthly hope of any real improvement for another ten years.. (J. Galsworthy, ‘The Si her Spoon ),