Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 98

I Itl II    COLD

l цг, inorr determined to oppose- his i I J. Cronin, 'Matter's Castle'). linked fresh, but nothing could looking also Mger and in a hurry. Imd less trace of the remote and ff-‘. P. Snow, 'Time of Hope'}.

1 ■ ■" i wio.n ытвуюшиГ) о бсес траст no-


■    m . .и 'Ш'Гктпснный холодному чела-

■    ■    >. обидный, бесстрастный, расоу-

■    ' |и ,■ лазах, взгляде, лице, мимике,

' j. ^ г V. стйстеах, состояниях, чуе-


■ тишины сохраняют смыс-

........ п.п.шчкп, отмечетше в значении

V I hIiI beauty холодная красота; the Hlil ('ii'1 .mn of his prose холодная чет- |мн и. I in прозы; her cold perfection сс in rii'ii"'!' старше нет го; cold hospitalily

............ гостеприимство; a cold kiss

In л>чnuni поцелуй; cold vcngcanec xo- лн'Шмч r.tL-tuгслыюсть; cold disdain xo- ni'<iii ■ i-jie speiine; a coot reception xo- /ШЛНЫИ /прохладный/ прием; a cool |in(|i‘- [кшиодришй взгляд; a chilly 7* thill/ reception холодный /сдержан на II i-vкой/ прием; a chilly lirmdshake lii.iii.'tinii' рукопожатие (от которого ста- KimiH' tt fic no себе); a frosty tune [smile!

и и lull /неприязненный/ топ 1-ая у/|ы0к.11; a frigid bow подчеркнуто xo- i^hjLiii-ni /официальный/ пипок; an icy lull . и-дчмой тип; an icy si a re ледяной

H)ioini iiiinaioiuiiii взгляд; an arctic re- b*i|i[1ii[] ледяной прием; exact and arctic jiuiliii' (//. Mencken—It”,) «безжалостно liiiiHpiiii'i’ правосудие», nrr/lnu, часто употребляющееся в этом ■ммчпшн. близко по смыслу к chilly И triisly, но в больше н мере нод- ЧРртш.и'Г враждебность субъ- ЯМП1 пи отношению к партнеру по обще- IIItt>i п влияние, которое она ока- 4UMih i пи последнего: a freezing glance уничижающий взгляд; a freezing reply (и и kiler враждебно-холодный ответ Ни Ши мич.

JKI f'.n. примеры. U.

|Г1 Нее слона могут характеризовать И о г I у п к н человека, его манеру,

( ii и, л I г л я д и т. п.: a cold /а cool,

Я rlillly, a chill, a frosty/ greeting .холод- Mix' n]iitneTCTBUe; her voice grew colder Rliil folder ее топ становился холоднее it цп иишее; a chilly kiss холодный noue- >i (rigid lone |notel ледяной тон ii" ik.11; freezing politeness холодная «(цнишлпная вежливость; an icy glance шпиней взгляд; an arctic smi It ледяная (примеры см, тж. fjj,

Только Cold и cool могут характеризо вать чувства, суждения: cold fnrv холодная сдержанная ярость, cold objectivity холодная объективность; cool contempt холодное презрение.

Щ His voice had grown increasingly cohkr and she in her turn became distant (M. Wilson. 'Li;t wilh Lightning'). Her manner to him so far Unit evening had been not even cold; it had been simply non-existent (K. Amis, ‘Lucky Jim'). In his sardonic irony he became smooth, leaning hack in his chair and weighing his words with a cold judicial calm.. (A. J. Cronin,Hatter's Castle'). There was a sneer to his lips, and cool anger.. (J. London, 'An Odyssey of the North'). She said a cold good-night (C. P. Snow, ‘The Affair'). ..ill words as cold and pen etrating as steel, Brodie said.. (A. J. Cro nin, ‘Halier'.4 Castle').

..lie would sometimes pass me haugh tily and coldly, just acknowledging my presence by a distant nod or a cool glance.. (Ch. Bronte, 1Jane Eyre'). ..then Miss Bradley, heavy and rather subservient, trealed wilh cool, almost amused contempt by Uennione, and therefore slighted by everybody.. (D. H. Lawrence, ’Women in Love'). The two men looked at each other impassively. T wish you I Lick tomorrow, Hugo’, s.ild Erik. His voice was cool, Huflo nodded and left (M. Wil son, 'Live with Lightning).

And in this chilly kiss he placed on his forehead Soatnes put more than his usual warmth (J. Galsworthy. ‘In Chan cery') .

Here he rewarded me [or my months of labour with a regal nod of bis own and a frosty sort of smile (0, A. Bush- Mil, 'Molokai'), And to his frosty shrewd eves she raised her own (J. Galsworthy, 'End of the Chapter').

1 took my portfolio; we curtseyed to him, received a frigid bow in return, and so withdrew (Ch. Bronte, ‘Jane Eyre'). ..lie had turned in a minute from a hot flame of anger to a frigid and con temptuous indifference (Conati Doyle, 'The Problem of Thor Bridge’). Her tone was whipped up by sarcasm, and some where beneath was the school-marm (rig id note (R. Cavan, 'Mary Cloud’).

‘What is your question?' said the judge in a freezing voice (G. Gordon. 'Let the Day Perish'). 'Yes, I know', she agreed, the freezing note gone from her voice (R. Cavan, ‘Mary Cloud'). ‘Certainly’.