Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 93


для понимания’, 'ясный1: dear explana tion [statement, ideal ж-нос объяснение [утверждение, -ап мысль]; transparent style [answer] прозрачный стиль [ясный откет); translucent phrases понятные фразы; lucid /pellucid/ style [explana tion] ясный /прозрачный/ стиль |-ое объяснение]; limpid style [language] яс ный /простой, легкий/ стиль [понятный язык),

ПЗ 1 См. примеры Т1-

Щ] Все синонимы, за исключением diaphanous, сочетаются с кампаниями газов, газообразных веществ (та ких, как воздух, туман} и жидко стей; все синоним™, за исключением limpid и, может быть, diaphanous, соче таются с названиями твердых тел (таких, как стекло, лед и т. п.); transpa rent, translucent и diaphanous, но обычно не другие члены ряда, сочетаются с наз ваниями материн (сукна) и с наз ваниями некоторых тканей или ча стей тела (таких, как кожа, крылья насекомого) живых существ: clear /trans parent/ air [water, window-panes] про зрачный воздух [-ая сюда, -ые окна]; transparent /translucent/ wave [skin, glass, silk] прозрачная /просвечиваю щая/ полна | кожа, -ое/ -ее стекло, -ый/ -ий шелт;|; lucid /pellucid/ air [streams, Jcej кристально чистый воздух [-ые ручьи, -ый лед]; limpid brooks [air] прозрачные ручейки [-ый воздух]; a di aphanous veil [wing] просвечивающая вуаль | -ее крыло].

[Й] Не remembered every detail of the 'place, the curious moss-covered rock, the dark cave with its fringe of ferns and the silent clear water flowing out and hurrying stealthily away (J. Stein- beck. ‘To a God Unknown’). This morning the sun shone out all the more brilliant ly for the deluge, and the air was balmy and clear (Th. Hardy, 'Tess of ihe d'Ur- berviUes'). She did not, in the clear brightness of the morning, see the three tall hirch trees (A. J. Cronin, ‘Matter's Castle’).

He I if led her thin hand, every bone clearly articulated under the transpa rent skin (D. Cusack. 'Say No to Death'). ..he had the contemplative stillness, the almost transparent complexion (A. J. Cro nin, 'The Citadel’). ’The only colour for those tiles', he heard Bosinney say, ‘is ruby with a grey tint In the stuff, to give a transparent effect' (J, Galsworthy, ‘The Mem of Property’’). And the mist nl snow was still on it—a ghost of snow (all ing in the bright sunlight, softly an steadily floating .. meeting the snow that covered, as with a transparent mirage; the bare bright cobbles (C. Aiken, ‘Silent, Snatu. Secret Snow').

Floating on the translucent water, one had only to turn one’s head to See between the batilemenis successive vistas of plain and mountain (A. Huxley, ‘After Many a Summer'), The sky was the colour of wet gray aluminium and there was no indication on the translucent shield where the sun might be (J. Steinbeck,

' Travels with Charley in Search of Ameri ca'). The sky that morning had glowed with a translucent green (D. Cusack, ‘Say ,\7o to Death'). The fog had by this time become more translucent and the position of the sun could be seen through it (Th. Hardy, ‘Jude the Obscure1).

George said it was so pleasant to wake up in the boat in the fresh morning, and plunge into the limpid river (J. K. Je rome. 'Three Men in a Boat’). Corys stayed all day and on inlo the limpid glassy night (R. Cavan, 'Mary Cloud').

..Mrs. Serrocold came in. She wore black, a floating and diaphotious black (A. Christie, ‘They Do It with Aiir-


CLEAR II, LUCID, LIMPID ‘выра жающий внутре