Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 82

|| || Hut as he glanced at voung Steve’s Imi-. II ii' eyes were not hungry, nor were II»'V resentful. They were calm and itrnHlii*!.. (G. Gordon, ‘Let the Day /*wWi‘ }■ - his face of an old soldier, nvllh its noble and calm outlines.. (J. I'tiiiiiut, ‘Lord Jim). Her movements were ilmv iiud calm, she no longer trembled




H. Cuvan, 'Mary Cloud'). And suddenly in 4tiw her..: the old per led poise and lllir, the startled dark-eyed gravity,

11 ii- i ild calm defensive voice (J. Gctls MH/hft, 'To Let'). One golden morning dll <i sunny day, I leant against tile low wall that guarded a little village Пн ii clt, and 1 smoked and drank in deep,

i    til hi gladness from the sweet, restful ti Hie f J. К• Jerome, ‘ThreeMen in a Boat'). Mjii у looked reverently at this young

ii    i hi i who called foreigners by their (hiKlian names and who toyed with I In- iiijiitals of Europe, not boaslingly like poor Matt hut with a tool calm (i■! 1111Ii-nee. That first belief was reborn tn Mu' iii hoolroom, when he had touched lii'i li;ind with a calm pleasure and seen Ihe mnucent flicker of her white wrist,. (К. Cavan. ‘Mary Cloud'), The letter win culm and practical (FI. Murryut, 'Г/le ft Met Sea’).

..with a visage once more composed Hiul tranquil (he) began again to read (Л. J. Cronin. 'Hatter's Castle). He к пн all the self of old. ..He showed it lii Hit" way he smoked, the long tranquil mills on the cigarette,, (R. Cavan. Min и/ Cloud’).    1 cherished towards

Mii. Fairfax a    thankfulness for her

klndt less and a pleasure in her society liiujmrtionate to the tranquil regard she lltiil fur me (Ch. Bronte. ‘Jane Eyre). (II Ins love he would tell her nothing; lie wunld say no word that might disturb lw( peace or spoil her tranquil sense nl iniuradcship (E. L. Voynich, 'The thiiltiti'). She needed someone to whom *ln* inikM unburden her weary mind, In whom she could confide her sorrows, mid the 'thought of her sister’s tranquil loililiide drew her (A. J. Cronin. ‘Hatter's ( iisih 'j. The sight of her smudged lip- *tlt К, her damp    nose, her disordered

*HII hair filled him with a profound and lMiii|till depression (J. Conrad,Lord said Miss Dove in the serene voice of one who expects to be obeyed (G. Patton, ‘Good Morning, Miss Dove'). Miss Jellyby merely added with the serene composure 'Сю along, you naughty Peepy!' (Ch. Dickens, ‘Bleak House'). ..when he reached home at dawn, Ihe rapture had mel lowed to contentment, serene and full ol memories (S. Les-'fs, 'Babbitt'). ..whilst he contemplated the second hand of his watcli with a serene tranquil lity the old woman gazed at hirn anxiously (A. J. Cronin. ‘Hatters Castle). This passive mood of nature seemed to move Irom out its frame and touch her like a reverie, like a sad yet serene medita tion upon the sorrow of her own life (A. J. Cron In. 'Hatter's Castle').

In fact she was not jealous at alt. Hurst wood was pleased with her placid manner (Th. Dreiser, ‘Sister Carrie'). The other drew near and passed her with the placid countenance of complete unrccognition (A. J. Cronin. 'Hatter's Castle'). In some extraordinary way without any marked change in the placid exp;ession of his face, he managed to convey the idea ol profound disgust (J. Conrad. 1Lord Jim'). ‘Are you not aware, sir,’ returned Mr. Chillip, with his placldest smile, 'that your father-in-law is again a neighbour of mine?’ (Ch. Dickens, ‘David Copper- ftetd'). He did not actually stagger under the negus; but I should think his placid little pulse must have made two or three more heats in a minute., (Ch. Dickens, 'David Copperfietd’). ..she opened her little placid eyes and said.. (Pearl Buck, ‘The Mother'). How did I know what were the thoughts and emotions behind that placid brow7 and those cool green, eyes? (F. S. Maugham, ‘The Moon and S ixpence'). Her idea of love was more that of placid affection, serving Ihe loved one softly in ar atmosphere, flower-seen led and dim-lighted, of ethe real calm (J. London, 'Martin Eden'). {.. he had) apparently resumed his peaceful contemplation of the river (J. Conrad, ‘Lord Jim'). ..he wasn’t a hunting man; he was a man of books and peaceful habits (W. Thackeray,

1 Vanity Fair').

CARF. I, CONCERN, SOLICITUDE, ANXIETY, WORRY ‘состояние нлк чувство, вызываемое сознанием того, что субъекту или лицу, которое ему близко, грозит неприятность или спае-



((binced a I ihe serene lace looking li|UMit<1 and thought it was the stars IIihI made it seem so noble (Ch. Dickens, '(Jtti'Jif Cop per field’), 'Attention, please,'

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Лишь 12% граждан России тщательно следят за своим здоровьем.

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Долю граждан, приверженных здоровому образу жизни, планируется увеличить к 2025 году до 60 процентов, сообщила министр здравоохранения России Вероника Скворцова на заседании организационного комитета XII Всероссийского форума "Здоровье нации — основа процветания России".

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Чеченский курорт «Ведучи» готовится к первому летнему сезону

Напомним, первый в республике горнолыжный курорт "Ведучи" начал работу в январе 2018 года.

В Бурятии под вопросом оказалось восхождение на Мунку-Сардык

Экстремалы Бурятии переживают, что останутся без одного из крупнейших и любимых событий года Крупный горный фестиваль по восхождению на Мунку-Сардык в Бурятии, который должен в майские праздники, оказался под вопросом.