Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 77


building will cost; be calculated /com- uted, rMlnmlrd, reckoned/ Ilia I the; uilriinjj would cost 5!'HH) dollars. Calculate, compute н reckon могут упот- реблятмя (I fi с о .'i Ю т и ii н o:    to cal

culate /to compute, I о reckon/ at the rate of ..

live синонимы сочетаются с на званиями вели ч и и в качестве объ ектов вычислений и с. названиями л и и и качестве субъектов (см. f); при calculate и compute в роли субъ екта может выступать также м а ш и н й (счетно-решающее устройство, электронно-шчислителькаямашнна и т. л.): the machine calculates /computes/ at the rate of 100 000 operations per second машина производит вычисления со ско ростью 100 000 операций в секунду.

ЦТ) Не had calculated the constants of the lenses himself (M. Wilson. 'Live with Lightning'). 1 calculated that I could just live, though it would mean one sandwich al lunch time and not much of a meal at night (C. P. Snow, 'Time of Hope). He would get to his office as early as seven-thirty .. and remain until four-thirty or five, reading the papers or calculating.. (Th. Dreiser, ‘The Titan).

As he stood there computing his financial gains, a woman came down the steps at his side (J. Lindsay, ‘Be trayed Spring).

The hotel bill came to fifteen guineas; and my friend after reckoning everything up found that the cheeses had cost him eight and sixpence a pound (J. К■ Jerome,

'Three Men in <7 Boa!'). ..he began to reckon the extent of his material ob stacle, and ascertained, to his dismay, that, at the rate at which .. he would be able to save money, fifteen years must elapse before he could be in a po sition to forward testimonials to the Head of a College ,, (Th. Hardy. ' Jude the Obscure’).

He pondered, envisaging maps, calculating distances, estimating times and speeds (J, Hilton, ‘Lost Ho rizon'). ..the papers were about to estimate the tfllendance {at the festival) at ten thousand (J. Galsworthy, 'To Let’), fie estimated .. the money which lay in the splendid animal, in the sound coach-built gig. in the man's smart livery, even in the cockaded hat .. and this tangible vision of the other’s pros perity was like gall lo him (A. J, Cronin, 'Hatter's Castle'). He got out the notes

For his lecture and went on working them up into a script. Five hours later, he had w'hat he estimated as forty* four minutes' worLh of lecture (K. Amis, ‘Lucky Jim'), All the orders ol the lasit few weeks bad to be estimated on the basis of these new prices.. (J. B. Priest ley, ‘Angel Pavement’).

CALM. TRANQUIL, HALCYON, SE RENE, PLACID, PEACEFUL t. 'нахо дящийся в состоянии полного физи ческого покоя’ спокойный, неподвижный, недвижный, тихки (о воде, воздухе или (реже) meepdbtx телах).

£2 Calm обозначает состояние физи ческого покоя, приходящее на смену бурному состоянию или п р о т и - вопоста вляемое ему: the sea here is never calm море здесь никогда не бывает спокойным; the air was calm and transparent воздух был тих и прозра чен.

Tranquil обозначает более высокую степень покоя беэотносител ьыо к предшествующему состоянию; the tran quil surface of a small pond застывшая /не тронутая рябью/ поверхность ма ленького пруда.