Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 70


Примечание. Ouflt имеет близкое к (till i ми гренному значение 'чувство пли in шин № вины'; lo suffer from guilt H|Wlii il от сознания ышы; unlike the l*t I ol us he was unhaimled by guilt N nr in ‘me от остальных его не мучило ммнпшк' своей пины; was driven, by ||М1, unlit, sheer animal concern’ (C. P. Armu'J *.ЛЛоня гнал страх, сознание вины, ЧИ< hi животная тревога».

IK! » гс синонимы употребляются в jl |i г ,1. и к а т и в н о и конструкции типа 111» lilnnic /the fault, the culpability, the (Ulll/ is smb.’s (John’s, mine, his), fii *> ( инатты управляют о p e д л о ж - Н ы м Я |) ii о л н е н и е м for smth., обо- »11П'||[ццц]|М содержа и не вины (птпчицпок): to lay the blame for the (idln'ilruiilte upon smb.; the fauJt for llll nwliifi smb. in the water; to prove itTilt.'s culpability lor the accident; to

Й1 knowledge one’s guilt for those sins, lie (ипопимы, за исключением blame, VHl’rtivnnoT формой smb.’s (и эквивалент ны vu L-i'i притяжательными местоиме- HHnMit) совкаченкемс у 6 ъ e к т а вппы: hit tdult /culpability, guilt, no не* Ыаше/. U iHr rpit слова, но не слово blame, у no циЛииогся в отрицательной и |< г д ложной конструкции: through no limit /culpability, guilt/ of smb.’s (.Inlm's, mine, his].

t лини fault употребляется в следующих йпух конструкциях, не характерных для llivnu синонимов: to be in fat! fault;

in у ]his, John's, etc.] fault [that we Imvr ( ome late).

Ii i Д.|,ч каждого из синонимов харвк- it>[Iи.i особая сочетаемость с глаголами: IIн> Ыаше 11iti fault/ lies with smb. айна <и**ми на ком-то; to bear |to slum] the Ь1#г*м- нести uiiiiy I лэбегать ответствен ен iit), ig take the blame (upon oneself) M>ni. itiniy иа себя; lo lay /to cast, lu iiul I In' blame (for smth.) upon smb., In wl llie blame down to smb. считать ►urn,.'). виновным (в чем-л.); to shift IIh> blume Lo smb. сваливать вину на Nihit.ito commit a fault совершить 1Ц1Ш lyiioK; to acknowledge /to admit/ niii'4 culpability /guilt/ признать свою и мк у, I и deny one’s culpability /guilt/ н||Ш1ып> свою вину; to prove smb.'s iiit|iul)l(ily /guilt/ доказать чью-л. внцу.

llll In spile of all that Roberta had said *|iinil blame was she so entirely lacking ill Millin' hersell? To be sure he had sought lit cnlice or seduce her ., but even so,

rould she be held entirely blameless? (Th. Dreiser, ‘An American Tragedy'). Soames was fore о d, therefore, to set the blame down to his wife (J. Galsworthy, ‘The Mint oj Property'), ‘We shall not quarrel for the greater shit re of blame annexed to that evening,' said Elizabeth (J. Austen, *Pride and Prejudice ). 'Oh, no,' Cora said, ‘1 can see through that. You want Allan to take the blame'

(I). Carter, 'Тптпгпгш Is with Us’), And suppose fje did del iberalely get himself killed, ou^ht we., to attach any blame to Elizabeth and Fanny? (R. Aldington,

1Death of a JJtru’). 'I am responsible for everything, all ihe blame is mine.'—‘Nol No!' she cried, ‘li’s all my fault, Dennis’

(A. J. Cronin, ‘The Cituch'V).

..had he not refused to go to her rescue, anti when he might have saved her, and when the fault for casting her in the water, however accidentally, was so truly bis? (Th, Dreiser, 'An A merit an Tragedy').

An arrangement was ultimately come to, under which a bed was to be thrown in Jude's lumber-room to make it com fortable (or Arabella till she ceiiWl get out of the stra'n she was in—not by her fault as she declared.. (Th. Hardy, ‘ Jude the Obacure'). It was the chalice be broke.. That was the be^irminjJ of it. They say it was the boy's fault (,/. Joyce, 'Dublin er s’ ).‘M. Hautct,’ I said, 1 have committed a grave fault,    for    which I    must    crave

your indulgence,. I met a young lady, an acquaintance of mine. She displayed a great desire to see everything that was to be seen, and I took the liay to show her the body’ (A. Christie, 'Tlte Murder an the Unfa ).

..Ihey believe in the conscience, the sense ol guilt    (Gr. Greene,    'The    Quiet

American'). Did he really commit suk'idc?

1 don’t know i’ve only circumstantial ev ideuce and my own hunch about it, ♦ a sort of intuition,, an Orestes-like feeling of some inexpiated guilt (R. Aldington. 'Death of a lieto'). Mis own guilt made him read into her levered gesture denial of all that lay between them (D. Cusack, 'Say ,Vu Co Death'). ..to my horror in the public prosecutors' office his (Oscar Wilde’s) guilt was said to be known and classified.. (F. Harris, ‘Oscar Wilde'), Samuel and Constance have grown so accustomed to    the    companionship    of a

criminal that they    frequently    lost    mem

ory oi his guilt (A. Bennett, 'The Old №W Так'),    ......