Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 63


лица, мнил, пил': with m indignant mien с imiiuyiiirtuihiM пн дом; wi Hi и sorrowful mil'll <' iifiu.'ii.KWM ш сражением лица, l‘ ш'чл.и, null ни I mii.

Мшшсг (обычно no множественном числе) iiuwt Гмизкие к pat смотре иному значе ние ‘иит-фы с точки jpeitHH их соответ- VIпин иршньшм хорошего тона': to have yautl llniill milliners Гщгь воспитанным Гипмхшпликым! человеком; it is bad milliners lo stare at people разглядывать лкуи-ii — иеподлжмг, where are your manners? как iiii себя пединl?; you must leach liim manners нам следует на учить его, как вести себя а обществе.

^ | См. примеры Ti ft] I thought there was something gallant inms bearing and dauntless in his soul (IF. S. Maugham, 'The Aioon and Six- pence'), lie had a devil-may-care bearing, his cap on one side, bis bands stuck in the front pockets of his breeches (D, H. Law rence, 'England. My England ). ..his fea tures were welt cut and there was a sin gular grace inhisbearing (W.S.Maugham, ‘Catalina'). ..he was tall, slightly stooping, wiih almost white though abun dant hair, and with a bearing, a nose, a mouth, a pair of eyes that could be un hesitatingly pigeon-haled as authoritative.. (K- Amis, 7 Like It Here'). The confi- dencehasgonefromhis bearing. (J.Wain, Hurry on Down').

His lour hacks, whose dress and de portment suggested that they were trying ,. to parody the appearance of typical pro vincial bank clerks, sat in submissive silence (J. Wain, ‘Hurry on Down'), ..but although she sometimes showed an impressive set of landlady-cbaracteristics, her deportment when serving meals would still have satisfied the most exacting lady-housekeeper (K- Amis, ‘Lucky Jim).

Whenever she went out ., sbe bore a demeanour that was perfect., (W. S. Maugham, ‘The Alcan and Sixpence'). Even at this distance he could see that her whole demeanour had altered (J. Wain, 'Living in the Present ). lie spoke with the acccnt of \ew England, and there was about his demeanour a bloodless frigidity which made me ask myself why. on earth he was busying himself with Charles Slrickiand (ii/. S. Maugham,

1The Aioon and Sixpence'). In such cases he always assumed a modest demeanour, though his face beamed with satisfaction (G. Simmon, 'The Man Who Watched the Trains Go by').

I'd never seen bis usual calm, imperato- rial mien so eroded (J. Wain. 'Strike if it Lather Dead').

There was nothing vulgar in her manner and her speech .. was not only correct but elegant (W. S. Maugham, ‘Catalina'). ..an unusuai-looking man, unlike in dress, face and manner to most of the other members of the Club.. (J. Galsworthy, 'The Man oj Property'). Edna Masters had been a lovely child with auburn curls, shy eyes and an imperious manner.. (M. WiliOit. *Live wiih Lightning'). ,,his manner was jovially overbearing and mocking (D. II. Laasretwe, 'The Rainbow'). It was a clean, old-fashioned home .. and, though he {the doctor) plainly thought little of the home, his manner remained as suave as ever (A. J. Cronin, ‘The Citadel').

..llrik knew at once that they were rich bemuse money has an aura that extends beyond clothes, beyond carriage, beyond voice (M. Wilson, ‘Live with Lightning'). His upright carriage suggested Ihe idea of his having been in the army (П. Bronte, 'Wathcring Heights'). Apart from the fact that his frame had broadened, giving him something of the characteristic heavy -shouldered carriage of the manual worker, he still looked much the same (J. Wain, 'Hurry on Doom').

BEARING 11, DEMEANOUR, MANNER 'способ обращаться с другими людьми’ отношение, обращение, поведение.

[3] Между синонимами сохраня ются смысловые различия, отмечен ные в ряду bearing 1: bis bearing towards strangers is apt to be brutal его поведение no отношению к незнакомым людям мо жет быть грубым; they loved her for her kindly bearing они любили ее за доброту; she assumed a gen lie demeanour toward her она отнеслась к лен ласково; they liked the doctor, his manner was so kind, so cheering им нравился доктор, он об ращался с ними так ласково н весело; he soon learned that he must change his manner if he would have friends он скоро понял, что ему придется изменить свою каперу держаться с людьми, если он хочет иметь друзей.

IK1 Все синонимы своОодно присоеди няют к себе предложное допол нение to Howard/ saib.. обозначающее объект отношения (примеры см. ][).

[tj См. примеры U.