Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 54

AWKWARD    Awkward    A

существо (примеры см, Ц); только clumsy может характеризовать к о - III* ч пост н: clumsy hands неловкие I'UII.

1ц) Иг was in his early twenties, a

I burnish, awkward young mail, with a uither long neck, poor shoulders, and large, clumsy hands and feet (J. B. Priestley. 'Angel Pauetrwnt'). ..Mrs. Lab ou there, who still waves her hand so artistically Hint the young lady in the fairy frock wema quite awkward in comparison li. Shaw, ‘ Cannonf odder'). ..when .. she rought him his breakfast he had been Mtiilien dumb as soon as she entered 1he inoin, glueing his eyes upon his plate, his elbows close io his side, awkward, clumsy overwhelmed with constraint (F. Norris, 'The Octopus'). The withdrawal nl blood from the surface of his body now made him begin to shiver, and lie grew more awkward (J. London. ‘To Build n Fire'). 1 hoisted myself against him «nd let my left leg dangle—we were like awkward contestants in a tbrce-

* legged race,. (Gr. Greene, ‘The Quiei ,*l tuericim’).

lie’s very much changed since he left vliool; he was rather heavy and clumsy tliori (A, Bmneit, ‘The Old Ipi-jts' Tale',I, ,,there was nothing clumsy or weak about old Jolyon (J. Gaistiorjhy, 'The Man of Property'),

'l. ’спндетельетвукшшй О неловкости' не ловкий, неуклюжий (о движениях, жес тах, походке и т.п.).

(.’£] Между синонимами t о Xf а - и л га т е я смысловые различия, отме ченные п значении 1: an awkward gesture Неловкий жест; an awkward gait не уклюжая походка; clumsy tramping не уклюжая тяжелая поступь.

■j$j| См. примеры Т|.

И] Не forgot his awkward walk and rrime closer to the painting.. (J. London, ’Marlin Eden').

Doris came in with the teapot. She w;i:in’t grown up, her movements were clumsy and powerful, more like a boy’s Bowen, 'Joining Charted). ..the clumsy tramping backward and forward ul the sentinel outside the door jarred (1c test abb1 upon his ear (£. L. Voynich, ЧЫ Qatffly').

II. 'такой, которым нелегко я ля неудоб но пользоваться' неудобный, несклад- *11.1 (1. несподручный (о предметах, мес- imv и т. п.).

О Awkward позволяет мыслить за труднительность и неудоб ства, возникающие при нормаль ном использовании предмета или контакте с ним, как дефекты самого предмета: awkward footgear неудобная обувь; an awkward tool неудобный инст румент; an awkward turn трудный /опас ный/ поворот; a diving suit is a very awkward thing to use водолазным кос тюмом очень неудойно пользоваться; felt boots may be very awkward in walk ing в паленках бывает очень неудобно ходить; *,.ол this occasion for wearing their white stockings and thin shoes*, the pool was an awkward impediment’ (Th. Hardy) «..сейчас, когда оии надели белые чулкн и тонкие ботинки ,, лужа была досадной помехой*.

Clumsy опнсьтгет затруднител ь - ноеть и неудобства, возни кающие либо при нормальном использовании предмета (за счет его топорности, тяжес ти, громоздкости и т. п.)т либо при использовании предмета и е по и а з и а ч е н я ю: ап ах is a clumsy too! to use to open a tin топором очень неудобно открывать консервное банки; her brother’s boots looked very clumsy on her сапогн ее брата выглядели очень неуклюже на ней; a clumsy carriage нескладная коляска.

Н| см. примеры

His wife fell in behind the last sled betraying long practice in the ait oi handling the awkward footgear (J. Lon don, ‘An Odyssey of the North'). The tent was rolled into an awkward bundle three times as large as it should have been (J. London,The Call of the Wild'). The most awkward burdens were the long sheets of corrugated iron used for revetting. They had to carry these along the road.. (R. Aldington, ‘Death of a Hero'). A pause ensued, such as occurs before an awkward fence, till somebody has found a gate (J. Galsworthy, ‘The White Mon key’). In one of them {letters) ., the young woman said .. that it was honoura ble and generous of him to say he would not come to see her oitener than she desired (Ihe school being such an awkward place for callers, and bccause of her strong wish that her engagement to him should not be known., (Th. Hardy, 'Jude the Obscure').

..Mrs, Hooven came to the door, her little daughter Hilda, dressed in a boy's