Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 26


AID Id птОидно сочетается с гшианмнми Я <i л I' i ii a ii, т р а в м, внутренних

I    и it ii с -Mi и состояний еубьек-

II it,1 in а н с ш н п к факторов, т. е. ttyiili'vшпсльпыми групп 1), 2) я 4) (при- ч*1'н ем. fi), но обычно нс с названиями Н * II I1■ т и и й.

fry легко сочетается с названиями б о - Л А 1 и е й, внешних факторов и Л с lh т в н й субъекта (существительны ми J ||)лп 1), 3) и 4), но обычно не с иа- 1|щци11Ми интеллектуальных или з мо щи шал мшх свойств и состоя* М и Ii: rheumaLism tries me a good deal Weiin очень мучает ревматизм; tlic eeasc- IfVMicss of the work tried her severely ec Hciiwihiciimo мучила эта бесконечная pa- (luru; It tries the eyes to read in the dark HiNnrii в темноте утомительно для I лил.

Наконец, rack сочетается с названиями

Л о .ч с з п е й, травм, интеллектуаль ных или эмоциональных с в о й с т и н г о с т о я н И Й (существительными t руин 1) п 2), но обычна не с названиями н п «пн); факторов или денет- н и Л субъекта: to be racked with pain Infill remorse] мучиться болью [угрызе ниями совести]; a strong cough racks his Imij^s сильны!! кашель раздирает (на 4rii in) его легкие; to he racked by con- llii'ting emotions быть жертвой протньо- pi"tit[ibix чувств,

|] || ..never again did I come across я Mirrel pony with a slit ear and a lacka- dnisjcal Tamil driver afflicted by a sore Iniit (J. Conrad, Lord Jim'). In the same чп'к small Moki was afflicted with Inn Is. great painful swellings upon his until arm and his back coming one after mud her at intervals of a few days, to make the poor child groan willi their nclting and almost unwilling to move (t) A, Bitshnell, 'Molokai1). The impos sibility of getting anything serious from this young man afflicted Soames like the cut lug of heavy pudding (,/. Galsworthy, 'The White Monkey'). Bicket swallowed violently again. "It’s all very well’, he •nid. suilenly, 'it ’asn’i 'appened to you.' Michael was afflicted at once. No! It liqrln’t happened to him! And all his ilniibls of Fleur in ihe days of Wilfrid came lutling him fJ- Gnlsajor/fii/. ‘The. White Miitth'!/’). A peculiar and diabolical sense h! humour was wont to afflfct him in what should have been his most serious moments (A. Christ in, 'Passenger to Frank- t«'>'>.

It was the ccaselessness of the work which tried her so severely, and began to maVc tier wish that she had never come to Flintcomh-Ash (ТА. Hardy, 'to of the d' Vrbervilles'). 1L tried him at time,1;, of course, to see how the women hung about the baby—there was something very excessive about motherhood (J. Gals worthy, 'The Silver Spoon'). She met with painful rebuffs, the most trying of which in a manufacturing cloak house,. (Th. Dreiser, ’Sister Carrie’). She described to us how tenderly he had taken leave of her, and hi>w manfully and <)uietly he had borne himself. Most of all, of late, when she bel ieved he was most tried (Ch. Dickens, ‘David Copperfield').

..flesh and blond can’t bear it any longer. Every chance lie can get to insult and torment me, he takes (H. B. .Siouw1. ‘Uncle Tnm's Cahin’). The three restless nights that he had spent at the camp, with his mind in a turmoil, his body tormented, had sent him racing for the mountain train (D. Cusack, ‘Say No to Death’). Margaret watched their faces, wondering if they were tormented by such agony as she (Г. S. Maugham, ‘The Magician’). I knew that nothing could be done, and yet I was tormented with the desire to do something (W. S. Maugham, ‘The Ma- gin.im'). ..men and women might be to each olher the great consolation while in fact they do little but torment each other., (R. Aldington. 'Death of a Hero’).

From his rostrum at Sinai, Edward Perry thundered the punishment ,, to those who tortured animals and little children (A. ,1, Cronin, 'The Citadel'). Like a mortal vulture he leaned over and tortured his palpitating prey, (R. Alding ton, ‘Dvu!h of a Hero'). She felt that he was torturing her only to destroy her in the end (A. J. Cronin, 'Hatter's Castle'). ..vague bits of the puzzle came to torture me (A. Christie, ‘The Moving Finger') '1 suppose you’ve been falling in love?' He pounced as if to torture her.. (R. Ca van, ‘Marij Cloud'). ..it tortured her to imagine what he did when he was away from her (W. S. Maugham, ‘The Uncori- quered’). I am tortured by the thought [hat one day the suspicion may come to him (Vt'. S. .McitgJtam, 'The Unccnquered’).

..he often could not sleep for the pain that racked his limbs (W. S. Maugham, 'Mackintosh'). ..as a cough racked her body she grimaced with pain and turned her face away (D. Cusack, ‘Say Л’о to Death').