Апресян Ю.Д. Англо-русский синонимический словарь
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Апресян Ю.Д.
Англо-русский синонимический словарь
стр. 19


an ugly [a silly] business безобразная Iглупим] история; a deplorable business прискорбный случаи; 'But (hat Chicago business! I knew it would come upt' (Th. Dreiser) «А эта чикагская история! Я так и знал, что ока выплывет!»

Matter обозначает событие, затрагиваю щее интересы н.пи судьбы людей и тре бующее обдумывания и р е ше - и н я. связанных с пни вопросов: a mat ter of importance важное дело; to discuss the matter обсудить вопрос; it was nec essary lo deal at once with this matter, it was impossible lo dismiss it необхо димо было заняться зтим делом сразу, ничего не предпринимать было невоз можно; 'A maid answered the ring, “Will you say — Mr. Forsyte, on a very special matter” (J. Galsworthy) «Гор- иичиая открыли дверь на звонок. „До ложите — мистер Форсайт, по очень важному дел у “г.

Thing отличается от дсех других снио- инмоо крайней обобщенностью своего значении, отсутствием ка- кнх-л. характерных призна ков; употребление этого слона может свидетельствовать о преднамеренной н с- определенности высказывания или стремлении говорящего смяг чить свои оценки: a strange thing happened приключилась странная пещь; the shipwreck was a tragic thing круше ние корабля было трагическим событием; this thing worries me greatly это меня очень беспокоит; we've got to end this thing before ti gets otif of hand мы д< шкод положить конец этому делу, пока не поздно.

Примечание. Affair и thing имеют близкое к рассмотренному значение ‘hcuui' (о материальных предметах): the merlinniam of a clock is a complicated a Hair часовой механизм - сложная штука; 'They were flimsy affairs, these cars' (Th. Dreiser) «Непрочные сооруже ния были r то время трамваи»; ‘And these Tubes were convenient things’ (J. Galsworthy) «II эта подземка тоже удобная ьещь».

1Н Affair, matter и thing употребляют ся в единственном и но м п о - ж с с т в е N н о м числе, business — только в елипстненном.

ЕСм. примеры Ti.

Не ‘deplored' the terrible affair ol yesterday. He begged the people to wait in patience, to attempt no more violence (F. Norris, ‘The Octopus'). ..his second marriage turned out a cool affair (J. Gals worthy, ‘To Lei"). ..sijice this sad affair, it is said that he left Meriton.. (J. Aus ten, 'Pride and Prejudice’). I tried to reassure her, and to make light of the whole affair (J. K, Jerome, 1Three Men in a Boat').

He had made up his mind to the nerve -racking business. He would go to Robin Hill (J. Gaisu>or!hu, 'To Let’). Was he to give her up because of this damned business? (J. Galsworthy, ‘End of the Chapter'). ,.I do not think that Harris's shock coutd have been anything like so bad as the shock that George and I had over the business (J. К■ Jerome, 'Three Men in a Boat'). To me this business about the letter is one of those night-time hor rors that kept itself alive into ihe day time (M. Wilson. 'Live with Lightning,'). He remembered the 'Alabama', Loo; anti his lather, James saying: 'I told you so’ when the Government ate humble pie over that business (J. Galsworthy, ‘The Silver Spoon').

You are mad, I tell you — mad to im agine that 1 would raise a finger lo help you.. I will have nothing to do with this matter, whatever it is (0. Wilde. ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray1). The differ ence between himself and his wife had now become a matter of common knowl edge,. (Th. Dreiser, ‘The Financier'). Young Butterfield — who had helped him to prove the guilt of Elderson in that mafter of ihe P, P. R. S. — (Th. Dreiser. 'The Financier'). ..our calls upon the no bility of these places were always a matter ol light comment (Th. Dreiser, ‘The Cruise of the "Idlewiid" '). However he decided to deal with this matter .. lie would do nothing that might injure Fleur (J. Gals worthy, 'To Let'). One unversed in such matters can have no notion of the many and tragic things tliat can happen to chicken (Sk. Anderson, 'The F.gg').

Cue didn’t wonder ahoul it or why things happened that way (S. V. Bmit. 'Freedom's a Hard-Bought Thing'). ‘It is a lifetime’. A shadow darkened Doreen's face. ‘If you count life in the things I hat matter' (D. Cusack. ‘Say No to Death').

-George said lhat ihe same kind of thing, only worse, had happened to him some eighteen months ago.. (J. К■ Jerome, 'Three Men in a Boat'). Scandal he would not have, but something must be done to stop this sort of thing (J. Galsworthy,


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